Rege-Jean Page named ‘The World’s Handsomest Man’ (It’s Science!)

Rege-Jean Page, the British-Zimbabwean actor, has been named “The World’s Handsomest Man” according to a recent study.

The study analyzed facial symmetry, proportion, and masculinity and found that Page’s features align with what is universally considered attractive.

The study used a mathematical algorithm that has its roots in the ancient Greeks. The formula rates the symmetry and apparent attractiveness of a person’s face, with a higher score indicating greater levels of physical beauty.

Leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva applied the algorithm to several high-profile celebrities and found that Rege-Jean Page’s face scored a remarkable 93.65%.

While Rege-Jean Page’s acting talent is undeniable, his stunning looks have no doubt played a role in his recent rise to fame.

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