Romantic Dramas

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Heartbreaking Romantic Dramas Ever Made

Get the tissues ready because let’s be honest – anywhere you find love, you can also find loss, sorrow, and suffering too.

This was actually Reese Witherspoon’s first movie and she was absolutely amazing in it. It’s about young love, loss, and the bond between sisters – something that’s made even more profound by the characters’ young ages in the story.

Despite the uplifting title, Life Is Beautiful comes up frequently as one of the saddest movies ever made. 

If you want a movie that’s going to crush you emotionally, Atonement is it. One person described it as a movie that “hurts me so much I can literally only watch it once every ten years."

Profoundly sad, Manchester by the Sea has been described by fans as “a masterclass in melancholy”. Although it’s not truly a romantic drama in the sense of a love story, it’s absolutely a film about love.

How sad is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, exactly? Well one person who’s seen it said, “I have never cried harder in my life than the one time I saw this movie.”

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