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Movies That Once Seemed Like Sci-Fi But Is a Documentary Now

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Movies have long been a way to envision the future of technology, but now we’re suddenly finding that what once sounded like pretty far-out sci-fi is now a daily reality or might be soon.

In the 2000 film version, the villain had plans to track Charlie’s phone using satellites and voice recognition. That seemed pretty wild then. Need we say anything more now?

Julia Roberts’s character writes an article about an assassination plot, and the bad guys need to get her before she can publish it. Today, the work would be in the cloud and it would go straight to the internet.

Set in 1974, this Gene Hackman classic introduced the ideas of constant surveillance, never knowing what to believe, and the resulting paranoia. Nowadays, we take all of these for granted.

This film introduced then-unimaginable ideas like targeted ads, facial and retinal recognition, and algorithmic behavior prediction to identify threats. Currently, we have two of those three.

Characters Cosmo and Marty talk about the idea of using technology to manipulate information and gather secrets. That was in 1992. Now, governments and individuals can track our behaviors and habits like never before.

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