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TV Shows Actually Worth Watching

Hulu once took a backseat to Prime and Netflix, but not anymore.

Originally a novel written by the great Charles Dickens, Bleak House follows three orphans who are sent to live at a mysterious home, which has a dark reputation for bringing nothing but bad luck to those who enter.

The steamy city of Atlanta is known for forging some of the best-known rappers of all time, and in the entertaining series, Atlanta, Alfred Miles is on his way to the top.

Being a teenager isn’t easy, and My So-Called Life proves it as the show follows Angela Chase, an awkward teen in the 90’s, through the trials and tribulations of friendship, school, boys, sex, drugs, and everything else life throws at her.

After running Michelin Star restaurants as a world-renowned chef, Carmy returns home to Chicago to save the family sandwich shop his brother left behind after his unthinkable death.

Detective Vic Mackey leads the Strike Team Unit in Los Angeles, an elite group that thrives on eliminating gang-related crime, including drugs, trafficking, prostitution, and violence.

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