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Scary Movies That Will Haunt You Forever

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Whether you want to celebrate spooky season in style or just like watching horror movies, it can be hard to pick the “really scary” from the “campy and cheesy” with so many options out there.

 The person who suggested this included the comment, “Go into it blind. Do not read anything about it” so I’m not going to give you any details other than this: Stanley Kubrick said it was the most terrifying movie he’s ever seen.

“When THAT scene came there was an audible gasp in the cinema.” What is that scene, exactly? I guess you’ll just have to watch Hereditary to find out!

Watch the French version of Martyrs for the best terrifying movie experience. It’s a revenge movie at its core, but has so many messed up twists that it stays with you for a long time.

This art horror film stars William Dafoe and is too harrowing for words. If you haven’t seen Antichrist, be aware there are some pretty triggering elements in this one.


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