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The 12 Most Genius Movie Plot Holes You Never Knew Were Actually Explained

Friends (and strangers) trying to sound smart by pointing out a movie mistake that isn’t really a mistake? We found the best answers to “What infamous movie plot hole has an explanation that you’re tired of explaining?” with these 12 movie plot holes that actually have perfectly good explanations.

Folks like to bring this topic up because in The Truman Show his “wife” is actually an actress. Seems a bit awkward to make her sleep with Truman, and even worse, to show it on TV.

“Sleeping With His Wife” – The Truman Show

A lot of people wonder why Indiana Jones would be so skeptical about mythical stuff happening at the beginning of the Temple of Doom given what happened in Raiders of the Lost Ark… But there truly is a simple explanation to this one.

“Why Is He So Skeptical of Mysticism?” – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

This happens all the time, especially in sci fi: the hero somehow knows exactly how to work the machine or computer, right down to pushing the exact right button at the right time. But did they use this trope in The Terminator?

“How Does Sarah Connor Know What Button to Press?” – The Terminator

Seems like a pretty straightforward complaint and definitely is something people debate – but that doesn’t mean it’s a plot hole.

“If He Has Memory Loss How Does He Remember to Tell People He Has Memory Loss?” – Memento

First of all, Elle Woods was shown winning an argument with a shop worker using her keen observation and intelligence. Second, one of her professors mentioned that her grades were near-perfect in her fashion classes.

“There’s No Way a Dumb Sorority Girl Could Study for and Pass the LSAT in One Summer” – Legally Blonde

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