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These Movies Made Us Say “There’s Still an Hour Left!” Partway Through

For those of you who don’t like it when a movie goes on a bit too long, though, you’ll find some solace knowing others felt the same way about these iconic movies.

There’s one point in the movie Australia that just feels like the ending, even though it’s not actually the plot of the movie. It starts off showing the life of a cattle farm; kind of a western style film.

It’s an iconic film, yes, but Pearl Harbor isn’t loved by everyone – mostly because it’s long. I can’t describe the movie better than this review quote of the film: “They packed a two-hour movie into three hours.”

It’s not as long as some of the other movies on this list but at two hours and twenty-four minutes Jurassic World Dominion still runs longer than the typical two hours of most movies.

This is made worse if you watched it for the first time on VHS because you had to switch tapes halfway through. It was easy to forget while watching that Titanic was a movie about a ship that sinks, not just a love story.

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