TV Shows You Won't Be Able to Quit

Yes, TV show love is subjective. But if you’re looking for a new show to hyperfixate on these are some solid choices!

TV Shows You Won't Be Able to Quit

I was pretty stoked to see fans suggest one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows: Downton Abbey.

A lot of folks lament Hannibal’s ending; the show was just too expensive to justify the cost based on viewership numbers. Those who loved it, though, found the show totally addictive.

I see The Good Place come up a lot in fan discussions and I think too many folks missed this clever series as it aired. I remember that feeling of being hooked on each episode while learning exactly what was going on through the eyes of the characters.

Say what you want about the later Game of Thrones seasons or the ending, the first season of this show was nothing short of addicting for most of us.




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