12 Surprising Fan Answers to “What’s the Most Addicting Show for You?”


Whether it involved staying up all night binge watching or counting down the days to the next episode we’ve all found ourselves totally addicted to a TV at some point or another. Fans online were asked, “what’s the most addicting show for you?” – these are some of the best answers.

Yes, TV show love is subjective. But if you’re looking for a new show to hyperfixate on these are some solid choices!

True Detective

The first of a few HBO series on this list, True Detective manages to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the season. Yes, it’s something a good detective show should do, but in true HBO fashion this show is so much more. Definitely binge worthy!



If you haven’t braved into foreign TV show territory on Netflix this is your sign to check some of the amazing German language shows on there. (Don’t worry – most have dubs if you don’t like subtitles.) While I won’t give away too much, just know that this show’s set over a tight 3-season run that involves a community-wide mystery, puzzles, and plenty of unexpected twists.


If you caught Lost while it was airing you already know how addictive this show was during the heyday. Since streaming wasn’t around yet I remember carefully tracking when the next would be on so we wouldn’t miss it! If you missed it, though, Lost is still a great show to binge watch even now.

The Queen’s Gambit

This miniseries was perfectly paced to keep you enthralled from beginning to end. They also released the entire thing at once and so many of us binge-watched it that same weekend. If didn’t catch The Queen’s Gambit yet it’s worth checking out.

Ash vs Evil Dead

This series managed to perfectly recreate the vibe of Evil Dead. Fun and always unexpected, it’s no wonder fans got addicted to this cult classic when it came out.

Stranger Things

I admit that I didn’t watch Stranger Things for several years after it came out, but after checking it out I’m totally addicted. Stranger Things is rarely predictable, but it also has a way of keeping you invested in the characters that other shows lack.

Sherlock (BBC)

Another show so many fans (myself included) couldn’t wait to come out each week. Sherlock was fun and witty, but also super interesting with the stories it followed. While many folks didn’t love the ending there’s something special about uncovering the mysteries on this show alongside Sherlock and Dr. Watson.

Attack on Titan

It’s not often anime series enter the mainstream, but Attack on Titan became such a phenomenon when it was airing that a wide range of people checked this series out. Waiting each week to see if characters would live or die, and what mysteries the Titans held, was painstaking – especially if you didn’t read ahead in the manga.

Game of Thrones

Say what you want about the later Game of Thrones seasons or the ending, the first season of this show was nothing short of addicting for most of us. I would argue it left such an impression that it kept us all on the hook even through the dry bits… So definitely an addicting show for fans!

The Good Place

I see The Good Place come up a lot in fan discussions and I think too many folks missed this clever series as it aired. I remember that feeling of being hooked on each episode while learning exactly what was going on through the eyes of the characters. If you missed it or dropped off after a few episodes, The Good Place is a great option for a binge if you like funny, weird shows.


A lot of folks lament Hannibal’s ending; the show was just too expensive to justify the cost based on viewership numbers. Those who loved it, though, found the show totally addictive. Believe me when I say: this show is full of gruesome surprises.

Downton Abbey

I was pretty stoked to see fans suggest one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows: Downton Abbey. Since most of us caught this series on streaming services it was super easy to binge watch. While the plot isn’t especially gripping, you quickly get invested in the characters and setting that you can’t help wanting to see what happens next.


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