TV Theme Songs Everyone Knows

Sometimes, just hearing the tune of your favorite TV show can put you in a good mood and bring back some great memories.

TV Theme Songs Everyone Knows

This was a short-lived show from the 80s that had a killer theme song. The show was about a bumbling superhero with a powerful suit, and the song was called “Believe It or Not.”

Cheers had a great song that everyone knew in the 80s. It was a soft song that used a lilting piano for its soft, calm notes. The song was called, rightly, “Cheers Theme.”

Today, the show about the rowdy older ladies is almost synonymous with this song. As soon as you sing it, everyone knows where it came from. It was called “Thank You for Being a Friend.”

This steamy tale of vampire mayhem had an amazing opening song and a great opening sequence that went on to win awards. The name of the song was called “Bad Things.”

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