Worst Movies: Movies Fans Defend

If you’re in need of some downright awful movies to add to your “to watch” list look no further.

Worst Movies: Movies Fans Defend

This is part of the golden age of teen movies that sprung up after the success of American Pie. It tells that classic story of a high school graduate who can’t get into college, so he makes his own instead. No, not a classic?

Jaws wasn’t enough, we needed more. And we got… Deep Blue Sea. The biggest differences are that a) these sharks are an experiment gone wrong, not a natural thing and b) Deep Blue Sea is way campier than the movies that inspired it.

This is actually my pick for terrible movies I’ll defend to everyone I meet, and I’ve even made friends who hadn’t seen it watch this 2000s college movie gem.

Oh man, I forgot this movie existed there for a while. Not sure if that’s a good thing (as in, it’s terrible) or bad (because it’s so bad it’s good).




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