Adult Swim Shows

By Swoon hub

Weird Old Adult Swim Shows You Need to Watch

Since this is about older shows that you haven’t seen, I intentionally excluded ones like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Venture Bros. that were both still on the air until recently and pretty well-known.

The show that started it all! Without Space Ghost Coast to Coast there’d be no Adult Swim; this is where it got its start.

Similar to Space Ghost, Sealab 2021 cut footage from the old (and almost unheard of) 70s cartoon Sealab 2020. .

By the same creators as Sealab 2021, this hilarious Adult Swim show sadly only aired for two seasons before being cancelled.

Even though Metalocalypse managed to stay on TV for 4 seasons it was still criminally under appreciated by most people.

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