Biggest Movies

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Movies That Made More Money

There’s nothing better than excitedly sitting down in a cinema, sticky floor and all, armed with a giant box of popcorn and enough soda to fill up three adult human bladders!

After Disney bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise, there was immense anticipation for the next installment of trilogies. The first of these was Episode VII.

While it may be hard to keep up with all the Avengers films released, let alone the Marvel Universe, Avengers: Endgame stands out amongst the rest.

Another Marvel superhero with a film on this list of highest grossing US films is Spidey.

Films set in alternate universes and realities seem to be box office gold, with Avatar amongst the most profitable.

This immensely popular sequel to the 1986 classic grossed $ 718,732,821 during its 120-day box office run in the United States.

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