Film Quotes That Bond Strangers as Friends

I have created a list of quotes that make film fans chant in unison:

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Many users online shared this quote as their favorite. Peter Gibbons speaks the hilarious dialogue in Office Space. “The Thing Is, Bob, It’s Not That I’m Lazy. It’s That I Just Don’t Care.”

Who can miss out on this famous fashion quote from the movie Clueless? The gorgeous fashion icon Cher shows off her brand-new dress to her disapproving dad. “What Are You Wearing?” A Dress. “Says Who??”

If you’ve seen memes on the internet about this or even heard somebody exclaim it in public, we’re here to explain the joke. “That’s A Lot Of Nuts!”

No movie quote list is complete without mentioning Mean Girls. If somebody ever asks you something obvious or dumb, make sure to hit them with this comment. “Is Butter a Carb?”

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