20 Film Quotes That Bond Strangers as Friends

Some movies are so good that their quotes stick with you. It could be a funny dialogue or sentimental poetry. Once you say them out loud, you’re bound to turn a few heads.

I have created a list of quotes that make film fans chant in unison:

1. “The Thing Is, Bob, It’s Not That I’m Lazy. It’s That I Just Don’t Care.”

Office Space.
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.


Many users online shared this quote as their favorite. Peter Gibbons speaks the hilarious dialogue in Office Space. If you work in an office, you know how work overburdens employees. Next time somebody asks you to put in more effort, hit them with this satire bound to give a few laughs around the cubicle.

2. “What Are You Wearing?” A Dress. “Says Who??” Calvin Klein!!

Image Credit: Paramount.


Who can miss out on this famous fashion quote from the movie Clueless? The gorgeous fashion icon Cher shows off her brand-new dress to her disapproving dad. It would be a fashion crime not to mention this line If you wear the same brand or approach someone styling it.

3. “That’s A Lot Of Nuts!”

Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.


If you’ve seen memes on the internet about this or even heard somebody exclaim it in public, we’re here to explain the joke. In the movie Kung Pow, the hero purchases dry fruits from a Chinese vendor who surprisingly shouts in an American accent. Your friends at a dinner party or buffet will roll on the floor after this movie reference.

4. “Is Butter a Carb?”

Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls (2004).
Image Credit: Paramount.


No movie quote list is complete without mentioning Mean Girls. If somebody ever asks you something obvious or dumb, make sure to hit them with this comment. For context, high schooler Regina George stupidly asks her Friend if butter is a carb. This one-liner from Mean Girls is the perfect icebreaker at a party full of new people.

5. “You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!!”

The Room.
Image Credit: Wiseau Films.


This awkward dialogue is present in the romantic drama film The Room. Despite being a serious scene, it became a laughing sensation due to the actor’s poor delivery. People recall it frequently to express their anguish in a silly way. And if you match the dead tone and the hopeless arm waving, this line will summon all the comedy lovers around you.

6. “High Score? Is That Bad? Did I Break It?

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.


The best way to find friends at an arcade or a game night is when there is a high score in the game. Spoken by the newbie game tester in Grandma’s Boy, Jeff states his bafflement after winning. Just act surprised and say this quote. Trust us, the gaming dudes will immediately recognize you.

7. “Do You Want Any Fries With That?”

Rush Hour.
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

Now, this Rush Hour quote is the life of all jokes. Have you ever met someone who keeps on listing things? You can shrug off their demands and ask them for fries. They will immediately know you are talking about Detective Carter’s ridiculous kidnapping negotiations from the action film. And the best part is, it never gets old!

8. “Hey, Careful, Man, There’s A Beverage Here!”

Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski (1998).
Image Credit:
Polygram Filmed Entertainment.


This golden quote can be applied in every situation. In the movie, the slacker dude with a White Russian drink in hand gets hauled into a car when he screams that his drink will be spilled. People find it funny to see him care for his beverage when being kidnapped.

It’s a clever opportunity to gain some The Big Lebowski movie friends.

9. “D’Ya Like Dags?”

Image Credit: Screen Gems.


Well, do you? Brad Pitt’s British accent in the movie Snatch is to die for. It’s also tough to understand, making this quote premium joke material. ‘D’ya’ means dogs, and if you need a light conversation starter, this is the question to ask. We bet you’ll find a stranger or two that picks on this movie lingo.

10. “Why Are You All Sweaty? I Was Watching Cops”

Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.


The Step Brothers movie brings us all this irreplaceable gem of a quote. Brennan, the brother, claims the Cops movie is so intense he sweats all over the couch. Next time someone tells you you’re dripping in sweat, instead of feeling embarrassed, just casually tell them you watched Cops. That will showcase some cordiality.

11. “I Am a Leaf on the Wind”

Image Credit:
Universal Pictures.


Apart from the comedic cinema quotes, there are also some serious ones. In particular, this sentence by Wash, the pilot in the film Serenity, is for the quiet moments in public. It’s best to express it when you want to make friends in a new environment, as it points to human powerlessness in the vast galaxy. A stranger might reply, “watch as I soar,” as an alliance.

12. “What? Like It’s Hard?”

Legally Blonde.
Image Credit: MGM.


Have you gotten an A in your exams or cleared an entrance exam? It’s the perfect opportunity to quote your favorite geeky lawyer from Legally Blond. When a classmate asks about your exam, show off with this movie line and flex those big brains. Who knows, you’ll find another Elle Woods fan?

13. “Who Are You, Who Are So Wise In The Ways Of Science?”

Terry Gilliam in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975).
Image Credit: Sony Pictures.


This quote belongs to an old sketch comedy named Monty Python and The Holy Grail. It includes referencing smart people as mind-boggling witches. Luckily, for the movie fanatics, it’s a comment you can pass to anyone who is of help to you or has proven intelligent in any matter. If not for the movie, the quote is famous all over the internet. Guaranteeing an instant understanding, of course!

14. “For Me, It Was Tuesday”

Street Fighter.
Image Credit:
Capcom Entertainment.


Do you know that feeling when a stranger babbles about their life stories and the atmosphere becomes boring? Tell them this fun quote; they might rejoice at your little hint. This quote comes from Street Fighter, where a female character explains her tragic past, to which the antagonists sarcastically reply with boredom. It’s sure to stir a new movie-based conversation.

15. “I Want My Two Dollars”

Better Off Dead (1985).
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.


This dialogue might come in handy if you want to politely ask a random coworker for the money you lent them. It’s taken from the movie Better Off Dead, where a weird paperboy demands his money even when he’s repeatedly told no. And if you are looking for a calm way to drop the news on the borrower, this is the funniest way to do it.

16. “The Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries”

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)/
Image Credit: Wolper Pictures.


You don’t need actual snozzberries to have someone laughing at this cherished childhood movie line. It’s from the scenes of Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. If you’re scared of making friends at the cafeteria, why not hold up a strawberry and recite this awesome quote? It’s impossible to miss out on it.

17. “It’d Be A Lot Cooler If You Did”

Dazed and Confused.
Image Credit:
Gramercy Pictures.


Many people can recall the chill and bad-boy character of Matthew McConaughey in Dazed And Confused. Mimicking his laid-back persona, you can always add this quote to any conversation in the future, as it is hard to miss. You can expect a nod and smile from a newfound friend like Matthew’s.

18. “Tina, Eat The Food!”

Napoleon Dynamite.
Image Credit: Searchlight Pictures.


Whether you are agitated or not, whenever you offer food to someone else, there’s no avoiding this phrase from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Something about Napoleon getting angry at the llama for not eating food is gagable. Don’t miss out on sprinkling this quote whenever you get to pass a plate; it’ll get you a friend.

19. “We Are The Weirdos Mister”

The Craft.
Image Credit:
Columbia Pictures.


Suppose you’re sitting at an event and want to make some allies. This nostalgic quote from the teen horror The Craft is an excellent way to introduce you and your friend group. Just alert the public of your weirdo status, and we are sure a few minds will click here and there toward the movie quote.

20. “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”

Image Credit: Universal Pictures.


This sentence is the most quotable cinematic phrase out there. Nothing compares to the action thriller Jaws and its suspense scenes. Similarly, when calculations go wrong for something, you can always joke about getting a bigger boat at the perfect time. It will be so smooth that everyone will knock their socks off.

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