Good TV Shows

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Shows to Binge Watch Tonight

Looking for some great shows to binge-watch tonight?

A young woman moves to a small Hamptons town for one purpose – to seek revenge against those who caused her family an immense tragedy.

Set in 1970s Wisconsin, this show focuses on a fun-loving group of teens trying to learn about the world around them in a time of significant changes.

Jane, a virgin, is accidentally artificially inseminated by her doctor. Viewers join her as she deals with a new pregnancy her crazy family, and all in a telenovela style.

Manhattan’s wealthiest teenagers have their secrets constantly exposed by a blogger. Love, betrayal, and scandal take over their lives, all set amongst the lights of the big city.

On Wisteria Lane, the lives of a group of suburban housewives intertwine as they navigate secrets, mysteries, and affairs, all while pretending to mind their own business.

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