Most Underrated Movies of the Year

As the new films for the new calendar year start to slowly roll out again, what are some of the most underrated movies of 2023 that you might have missed?

Most Underrated Movies of the Year

As a Generation X movie fan, I’ve seen special effects improve greatly over the years and this fantastic 2023 release has some of the most amazing visuals yet.

This 2023 movie release takes a genre that is often ignored or butchered (pun intended) and turns it into a bloody good time for everyone.

Everyone at our house is a Marvel fan, but I admit, we’re feeling superhero fatigue. Between the films and the series, it can be tough to keep up with all of the different aspects, plot lines and multiverses of the different characters.

Telling the tale of the notoriously terrible soccer team of American Samoa, this sports drama also dives into friendship, love, loss and more.




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