Movies With Twist Endings That Will Leave You Speechless

If you love a good plot twist, you can’t go wrong with the collections of films on this list.

Movies With Twist Endings That Will Leave You Speechless

An older addition to this list, but a must-watch is this 1999 action-packed drama led by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Fight Club has to be of the craziest additions to movie plot twists in this biting and very violent satire of 90’s culture.

This chilling addition to the Cloverfield film franchise originally left viewers wondering how it was connected at all. Shy of a few small and well-planted Easter eggs, the plot and concept seem completely different.

While this M. Night Shyamalan’s addition to the list is known as one of his weaker works, the disturbing nature of this film makes it a must add to this list.

Brad Pitt appears in another entry on this list of plot twists in the classic crime drama/thriller Se7en. In this brutal and tragic crime drama, Pitt is paired with more experienced Morgan Freeman to hunt a killer who commits crimes based on the seven deadly sins.




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