7 Movies With Twist Endings That Will Leave You Speechless

Love a great plot twist? Movies that can’t be predicted can leave you pondering for days or even years.


Here are some of the movies with twist endings you won’t want to miss.

If you love a good plot twist, you can’t go wrong with the collections of films on this list.

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense.
Image Credit:
Hollywood Pictures.


Night Shyamalan has become well known as the master of the plot twist, and The Sixth Sense is still often considered one of his best.


This shocking ending has become so well known it’s been parodied and the subject of memes, but even after a couple of decades, it leaves viewers pondering their feelings well after the credits roll.


As a boy mom, this film still leaves a tender spot in my heart for the young lad featured in the film, but it is good to know that he found a way to make the best of the situation.


Fight Club

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.


An older addition to this list, but a must-watch is this 1999 action-packed drama led by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Fight Club has to be of the craziest additions to movie plot twists in this biting and very violent satire of 90’s culture.


Helena Bonham Carter almost steals the show doing what she does best, which is being over the top and her bizarre and talented self. She also plays a role in the reveal which many viewers never expect.


If you’ve never viewed this twist-ending film, you’re likely to need to watch it more than once just to make sure that you take in every nuanced performance and sleazy detail.


10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane.
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

This chilling addition to the Cloverfield film franchise originally left viewers wondering how it was connected at all. Shy of a few small and well-planted Easter eggs, the plot and concept seem completely different.


Leading the film is a young woman who is held captive by an unhinged and dangerous John Goodman who insists that the world outside is ending and holds her in a bunker to keep her “safe”…


The story builds to an ending that few will expect and examines a roller coaster of emotions along the way


The Village

The Village.
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Touchstone Pictures.

While this M. Night Shyamalan’s addition to the list is known as one of his weaker works, the disturbing nature of this film makes it a must add to this list.


While I’ve only seen this release once when it hit theaters in 2004 the lies, manipulation and disturbing twist make me think of it often.



Image Credit: Universal Pictures.


My third and last M. Night Shyamalan entry in this collection is a more recent drama set in the tropics as families try to enjoy a special tropical getaway. What starts to be a beautiful day at the beach turns to horror as the visitors start to age at a disturbingly rapid rate.


There are so many themes in this one it’s hard to pick one, but distrust looms and it also shows that it never hurts to make nice with the locals.



Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Brad Pitt appears in another entry on this list of plot twists in the classic crime drama/thriller Se7en. In this brutal and tragic crime drama, Pitt is paired with more experienced Morgan Freeman to hunt a killer who commits crimes based on the seven deadly sins.

As the sin-based deaths start to add up, viewers won’t expect the ending including the well-known mystery of what is inside the box.



Storm Reid in Screen Gems MISSING.
Image Credit: Temma Hankin/Sony.


One of the more recent additions to this list is a technology-based drama where a teenager seeks to find answers after her mother goes missing. Taking place primarily online and with the research she does,, the film takes a terrifying look inside the digital trails we all leave behind. The unexpected ending shows that living more offline isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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