Older Movies

By Swoon hub

Movies We Loved When We Were Younger

Maybe when you were a kid or young adult, there was a movie you couldn’t get enough. Then when you were older, you came to cringe at it. Here are some examples that come up a lot.

This movie still makes you laugh, but it’s also really stupid. In its defense, though, it’s supposed to be stupid.

A 1982 fantasy action film, this movie had a lot going for it in trailers. If you watch it now, it might come across as having a slow pace, boring plot, and bad acting.

As a kid, you naturally cheered for the furry hero of this film.

Movies about underdogs winning it all are usually a winner, and this one did well. However, it’s got some flaws you might not have noticed much as a kid.

It was funny then and it’s funny now. You probably have some favorite lines and scenes. But now you can see that it’s also pretty dumb.

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