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Ranked! All The Seasons of Netflix's The Crown 

Netflix just released The Crown Season 5, and in honor of all the fanfare and criticism that this season has received, I have decided to write about my rankings of all of The Crown’s seasons so far.

1. Season 1

Season 1 of the crown is the crown jewel of the series. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are absolutely stunning in their portrayal of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

2.  Season 4

I love this season. We meet Princess Diana in this season and I felt this season was a good connection between the old monarchy and the more modern one that we get to know.

3.  Season 2

This season was almost as good as season 1 but it does get a bit boring as it drags on.

4. Season 3

Season 3 was well done but I found it… boring. The only two episodes that I enjoyed were “Aberfan” and “Tywysog Cymru” which I thought were absolutely brilliant.

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