The Crown Seasons Ranked

Netflix just released The Crown Season 5, and in honor of all the fanfare and criticism that this season has received, I have decided to write about my rankings of all of The Crown’s seasons so far.

1. Season 1

Season 1 of the crown is the crown jewel of the series. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are absolutely stunning in their portrayal of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. This season is why the show became a masterpiece and for good reason. it is beautifully done and perfectly executed.


2.  Season 4

I love this season. We meet Princess Diana in this season, and I felt this season was a good connection between the old monarchy and the more modern one that we get to know. We also get to see the strain of the monarchy, even as the Queen is more settled in her role.


3. Season 2

This season was almost as good as season 1, but it does get a bit boring as it drags on.  Foy and Smith continue on in their amazing portrayal, and there are some great episodes. the season does drag a bit, but the actors carry it through superbly.


4. Season 3

Season 3 was well done but I found it… boring. The only two episodes that I enjoyed were “Aberfan” and “Tywysog Cymru” which I thought were absolutely brilliant. Otherwise, the season felt like a filler season where they waited for something to happen. This season was so far the only season that I have not rewatched.


5. Season 5

I just finished season 5, and well… I didn’t like it. I was bored watching it and felt that storylines that were interesting got tucked into small moments (the fire and Fergie, for example) while other stories dragged on. Two episodes that centered on the Royal Yacht Britannia were a bit much. This season also felt like Charles’s propaganda, even though Camilla was absolutely excellent. It felt like season 3, where we are just waiting for the shoe to drop in season 6. Gunpowder was a great episode.


Which season of The Crown did you enjoy the most?





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