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By Swoon hub

Movies That Rotten Tomatoes Hated

We’re talking about movies that have bad reviews both from critics and the audience score here – because I know sometimes a film can have a low score from one side or the other and still be (almost) universally well-liked.

It’s apparently controversial to say that I love this movie, although the audience score fares a little better than the critic rating.

Starring Eddie Murphy as a private detective, it combines fantasy elements with action and kung-fu as he works to get a missing child back safely.

I’m one of the biggest Jurassic Park fans around and I can safely say that, while not as good as the first one, The Lost World was still great!

This Jim Carrey movie is hilarious so I’m not sure why so many people hate the film.

At 66% The 13th Warrior ekes it in for a positive audience score, but that’s largely due to recent reviews being much more positive than they were when the film was released.

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