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Shows That's Been Cancelled After One Season

Here are some great examples of shows canceled after one season that deserved a second chance at getting it right.

Freaks and Geeks is still highly revered, even now. And it came out back in 1999! Amazingly it only got one season, and while that season was perfect, it definitely left us wanting more.

The sentiment online for this show being canceled pretty much boils down to this quote, “It was the name, if they had named it anything other than Selfie it would have been bigger.”

Bryan Fuller sure was great at creating shows that got cancelled, wasn’t he? Long before the success of Hannibal he co-created this hilarious comedy series that only saw one season.

While not everyone enjoyed the post-apocalyptic black comedy show Daybreak (critics included) it still had a loyal fan base when it was on TV. Sadly it was cancelled, which is a shame because it seemed to have a lot more story to tell.

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