12 Amazing Canceled TV Shows That Never Got a Fair Shot

Sometimes TV execs are wrong especially when they stop a promising show before it has the chance to get good!

Here are some great examples of shows canceled after one season that deserved a second chance at getting it right.

Some of these are still popular now and it’s hard to believe they only got one season! Then again, maybe they’re great because they only had one season? I guess we’ll never know!

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks.
Image Credit: Apatow Productions.

Freaks and Geeks is still highly revered, even now. And it came out back in 1999! Amazingly it only got one season, and while that season was perfect, it definitely left us wanting more.

“For a show that struggled with ratings while it was on the air it sure launched so many stars or at least launched long lasting careers.” a fan said of the show.


Image Credit: ABC.

The sentiment online for this show being canceled pretty much boils down to this quote, “It was the name, if they had named it anything other than Selfie it would have been bigger.”

If you skipped this show before even giving it a shot you’re part of the problem; apparently it was really good.


Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

Bryan Fuller sure was great at creating shows that got cancelled, wasn’t he? Long before the success of Hannibal he co-created this hilarious comedy series that only saw one season. It has been so well loved since ending that even TV guide included Wonderfalls on their list of TV shows that were cancelled too soon!


Image Credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix.

While not everyone enjoyed the post-apocalyptic black comedy show Daybreak (critics included) it still had a loyal fan base when it was on TV. Sadly it was cancelled, which is a shame because it seemed to have a lot more story to tell.

Daybreak needed a second season, it was just getting started, and it was so much fun!” a fan said. Others agreed because apparently it ended on a twist, too.


Image Credit: Fox.

This is one I definitely agree with because Alcatraz was, sadly, cancelled long before it could reach its potential. Part sci-fi, part thriller, it was the first of three J.J. Abrams created series (Revolution and Almost Human were next) that would go on to fail after one or two seasons.

The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle.
Image Credit: The CW.

Based on a teen book series of the same name, The Secret Circle ran for only one season from 2011 to 2012. Unfortunately, the combination of ratings dropping throughout the season and the costly special effects meant this show couldn’t continue into season too.

Fans haven’t forgotten about this one, either, with one saying, “I wouldn’t say no to a reboot.” Hint hint CW!

Teenage Bounty Hunters

Teenage Bounty Hunters.

A lot of these shows so far have been older, so let’s talk about a more recent wound: Teenage Bounty Hunter. One of many shows cancelled too early by Netflix, it ended on a huge cliffhanger. Sadly Netflix axed it shortly after it came out – barely giving it a chance to be successful.

A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own.
Image Credit: Prime Video.

It’s not just Neflix that cancels shows, Prime does it too! This Amazon series was renewed for season 2 only to have it cancelled a few months later.

Feminists were especially upset about this one being cancelled because it told stories from a lens that isn’t normally seen in the media: women during the WW2 era. “It’s such a mistake to let it go.” one fan wrote alongside other kind words for the series.

The Society

The Society.
Image Credit: Seacia Pavao/Netflix.

Despite fans saying that The Society “showed so much promise” sadly a second season never happened after the original run in 2019. Even more depressing, this modern retelling of Lord of the Flies actually was renewed, but it didn’t happen due to covid and eventually was canceled for a variety of reasons.


Jay Baruchel, Carla Gallo, Charlie Hunnam, Monica Keena, Seth Rogen, and Timm Sharp in Undeclared (2001).
Image Credit: Dreamworks.

Did you know that Seth Rogan starred in a college-style comedy show that aired in 2001? You can be forgiven if you didn’t; it wasn’t well-known, which is also why it got cancelled after just one season.

But cancelled doesn’t mean bad so if you’re a fan of Seth Rogan, it apparently still holds up!


Image Credit: ABC.

Everyone on Earth suddenly blacks out and wakes up with a vision of their future. Sounds interesting, right? Well flash forward to today only to discover that the 2009 show Flashforward was cancelled after only one season.


Image Credit: Netflix.

Another one cancelled by Netflix, 1899 left on a major cliffhanger so this one hits hard. It was supposed to continue but, despite having pretty positive reviews and viewership, it wasn’t renewed for season two.

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