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12 Sitcom Characters Vying for the Title

Since this question is so broad, we took to crowdsourcing and rounded up the most popular answers – and let me say, this is a pretty diverse mix.

I’m not joking, I swear this was the most popular answer. If you don’t already know, Art Vandelay isn’t even a real character. He’s just someone George made up during a job interview.

The mother of some of the most hilarious sitcom quotes of all time, Lucille Bluth is the super rich, out-of-touch matriarch of the Bluth family.

Everyone in Parks and Rec is great but there aren’t too many characters as iconic as Ron Swanson.

Every character in Community feels iconic on their own right, but Abed stands out not just in this show but across the genre.

I’ve only seen a few episodes of Scrubs and Dr. Cox is one of the few characters that stood out to me so I can totally see why he makes this list for so many people.

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