Stand-Up Comedians That Will Make You Laugh

By Swoon hub

Some offer single comedy specials, others in multiple parts, so you can really sink your teeth into some great laughs.

James Acaster’s four-part comedy special Repertoire was released back in 2018 on Netflix. As a British comedian, you can expect James to bring some silly antics – and he does.

Most people agree that Ali Wong’s most recent comedy special isn’t as good as her first two. So, if you’ve gotten the wrong impression of Ali, I encourage you to give her other ones a chance.

Kathleen Madigan has had a pretty robust comedy career over the years. She’s also released a few comedy specials, and you should be able to find at least one on Netflix.

Often considered to be the current king of clean comedy, Jim Gaffigan needs no shock factor to get the joke across. 

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