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The Top 12 Best TV Series of 2022 According to the Internet

Of course “best” is subjective, but with so many of the shows that normally make our best TV series lists already finished  it can be tough to figure out what new shows to watch.

Very fish out of water, Tokyo Vice follows an undercover American journalist as he joins the Tokyo Vice police squad and infiltrates the underbelly of Japan’s crime scene. It’s actually based off a book, too.

Everyone is talking about Severance and for very good reason. If you skipped this one because you thought it would be plain, just know it’s a science fiction psychological thriller.

Although this wasn’t a new show it was still going strong in 2022. Better Call Saul is the sequel, well – prequel, actually, to the hit show Breaking Bad and many fans argue it’s even better than the original show.

The Bear is a comedy-drama TV series about a young man who, after working in fine dining, returns to run his family’s sandwich shop.

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