The Top 12 TV Shows of 2022 That You Need to Watch, According to the Internet

The year is almost over but that doesn’t mean we still can’t look back on the greats of 2022, does it? After a few years of limited filming it seemed like things are finally back in full swing. So here it is: the best TV series of 2022, according to the internet.

Of course “best” is subjective, but with so many of the shows that normally make our best TV series lists already finished (like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones) it can be tough to figure out what new shows to watch.

Hopefully you find something new to enjoy here!

Tulsa King

Tatiana Zappardino as Tina of the Paramount+ original series TULSA KING.
Image Credit: Brian Douglas/Paramount+.

Someone said of Tulsa King, “I was never bored for one second every episode.” That sounds like a pretty good review

If you missed this one, it’s about a New York City mafia capo who was released from prison after 25 years getting back on his feet. And by feet, I mean getting back to work.


Britt Lower in “Severance,” now streaming on Apple TV+..
Image Credit: Apple TV+.

Everyone is talking about Severance and for very good reason. If you skipped this one because you thought it would be plain, just know it’s a science fiction psychological thriller.

“It’s also my most anticipated show for next year. I can’t wait.” someone said. Sadly they will be waiting, as season 3 likely won’t come out until 2024 at the soonest.

Better Call Saul

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman - Better Call Saul _ Season 6, Episode 13.
Image Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television.

Although this wasn’t a new show it was still going strong in 2022. Better Call Saul is the sequel, well – prequel, actually, to the hit show Breaking Bad and many fans argue it’s even better than the original show.

The Bear

The Bear,
Image Credit: Courtesy of FX.

The Bear is a comedy-drama TV series about a young man who, after working in fine dining, returns to run his family’s sandwich shop. It perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to run a small business and manage a kitchen.

Fans agree with the realism too, with one saying, “I’ve worked in a restaurant AND I lived in Chicago for 20+ years. This show hits home hard. Really loved it.”


Image Credit: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS.

Ghosts is a whole lot better than I thought it would be” the person who suggested this one said.

If you aren’t sure what this series is about, it’s set in a run-down country estate. The catch? The estate is haunted with a bunch of eccentric ghosts. After watching the US version you could also check out the original BBC series it was based off.

Tokyo Vice

Tanida AyumiMAX Tokyo Vice Season 1 - Episode 8.
Image Credit: James Lisle/HBO Max.

Very fish out of water, Tokyo Vice follows an undercover American journalist as he joins the Tokyo Vice police squad and infiltrates the underbelly of Japan’s crime scene. It’s actually based off a book, too.

House of the Dragon

Tom Glynn-CarneyHBO House of the Dragon Season 1 - Episode 8.
Image Credit: Ollie Upton / HBO.

Another one that’s a prequel not sequel to a popular series, House of the Dragon, tells the history of the Targarians from Game of Thrones as they rose to power. It manages to get the feeling of Game of Thrones down but is different enough, so even if you’re not a GoT fan it’s worth checking out.


Steven Krueger as Ben Scott in YELLOWJACKETS, "Storytelling".
Image Credit: Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME.

This one premiered in late 2021 and is still running, with season 3 planned (but no date announced yet). While it’s not necessarily based on a true story, it tells a believable one: a plane carrying a teen girls’ soccer team crash lands in the remote Canadian wilderness. Since it’s set in 1996 there’s no cellphones or easy way to find them so they have to survive in that harsh environment.

White Lotus

Tom Hollander in The White Lotus (2021).
Image Credit: HBO Max.

Everyone is talking about White Lotus so it’s about time you just watched it already! Season 2 aired in 2022 and apparently was as good, if not better, than the first one.


Jennifer HollandMAX Peacemaker Season 1 - Episode 8.
Image Credit: Katie Yu/HBO Max.

Yet another superhero show? Wait, before you write of Peacemaker, first you have to hear the story. Yes, it’s a superhero, but it’s one who fights for peace… No matter the cost (or chaos, death, and destruction). Need I say more?

Slow Horses

Gary Oldman in "Slow Horses," now streaming on Apple TV+.
Image Credit: Apple TV+.

Starring Gary Oldman, Slow Horses was a 2022 banger that you might have missed if you don’t watch Apple TV. And what are the “Slow Horses”, exactly? A group of MI5 agents who have messed up their jobs bad enough to get demoted, but not bad enough to be fired.


Maarva (Fiona Shaw) in Lucasfilm's ANDOR.
Image Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

One of the many Star Wars shows that have come out recently, Andor tells the story of a Rebel Spy working on the events that would eventually become the plot of Rebel One. A must for Star Wars fans!

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