TV Shows Where Villains Steal the Spotlight

If you find yourself liking TV shows with antiheroes, you’re far from alone.

TV Shows Where Villains Steal the Spotlight

No one is ever going to make a case that Tony Soprano is a good man. Still, spending so much time getting to know him and his family makes it difficult not to like him.

Any number of characters in this police drama could qualify as antiheroes. Detective Jimmy McNulty is a key one, but there are many others, including Omar Little, a criminal who makes a living sticking up drug dealers.

This series introduces us to vampires who live off a synthetic blood product, allowing them to take part in regular society. But they’re still vampires, and things don’t always go according to plan.

Dexter is a serial killer, which kind of qualifies you as a bad person. So what do we make of a serial killer who satiates his need by killing other serial killers?

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