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12 Greatest Episodes of a TV Show Ever Made

While the whole run may or may not be amazing, these fan suggestions for the 12 greatest episodes of a TV show ever made certainly are!

Fans suggested a number of Simpsons episodes, including the Monorail one, but this was the most popular. It’s also the second highest rated Simpsons episode on IMDB

There are so many amazing episodes of The Twilight Zone so it’s tough to pick just one greatest episode ever made of this TV show. Thankfully other fans did the work for me and suggested this one.

Another TV show episode that’s highly rated by both fans and critics, “The Inner Light” is often considered to not just be one of the best episodes of TNG, but the entire Star Trek franchise.

Furturama is usually a funny show which is probably what makes The Luck of the Fryrish such a memorable episode.

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