The 12 TV Episodes That Will Make You Realize That TV Is the Greatest Art Form Ever Created

There are some great series out there, but what about great TV show episodes? While the whole run may or may not be amazing, these fan suggestions for the 12 greatest episodes of a TV show ever made certainly are!

The Simpsons – You Only Move Twice

THE SIMPSONS: When a plague of insects shuts down Springfield, the Simpsons face their greatest challenge yet...spending time in lockdown with each other in the "The Very Hungry Caterpillars".
Image Credit: Fox Flash/20th Television.

Fans suggested a number of Simpsons episodes, including the Monorail one, but this was the most popular. It’s also the second highest rated Simpsons episode on IMDB (with “Homer’s Enemy” being the first.) Funnily enough, both are from season 8!

Anyway, in the episode “You Only Move Twice” the family moves to Cypress Creek and Homer ends up accidentally working for a supervillain.

On the Run – What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows.
Image Credit: FX Network.

This episode is hilarious and has a ton of quotable moments. The best part is that Mark Hamill appears with a guest role as Jim the Vampire!

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street – The Twilight Zone

UNITED STATES - CIRCA 2012: a postage stamp printed in USA commemorative of the american television program The Twilight Zone, circa 2012.
Image Credit: catwalker/Shutterstock.

There are so many amazing episodes of The Twilight Zone so it’s tough to pick just one greatest episode ever made of this TV show. Thankfully other fans did the work for me and suggested this one.

Like every Twilight Zone episode, it deals with some kind of psychological horror; in this case a paranoia that aliens are among the people.

My Screw Up – Scrubs

Image Credit: NBC Universal.

Sometimes, the greatest episode of a TV show is hilarious, other times it’s completely and utterly devastating. This hits harder on comedy shows like Scrubs.

“My Screw Up” guest starred Brendan Frasier, is tied as the highest ranked episode of Scrubs, and was even nominated for an Emmy award.

“I didn’t know a 22 min show could make me cry.” the person who suggested this one said.

Vichnaya Pamyat – Chernobyl

Image Credit: HBO.

Every episode of Chernobyl is stunning so choosing just one isn’t an easy feat. Vichnaya Pamyat is the final episode in the 5-part mini series and definitely hits the hardest in terms of lasting power and writing.

It also has an apt title: “Vichnaya Pamyat” is Ukrainian for “Memory Eternal” and is the name of a funeral hymn.

The Inner Light – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek The Next Generation.
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Another TV show episode that’s highly rated by both fans and critics, “The Inner Light” is often considered to not just be one of the best episodes of TNG, but the entire Star Trek franchise.

Without giving too much away (you should watch it even if you’re not a fan!), the episode is about Captain Picard waking up on a foreign planet—and a whole different life.

Ozymandias- Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 10.
Image Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC.

There aren’t a lot of TV show episodes that have a 10/10 rating on IMDB but Ozymandias is one of them. While it’s not the final episode, it takes place just as the series is climaxing during season 5.

So many things happen (and pay off) in this white-knuckle episode, but describing it would be a huge spoiler so you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

The Luck of the Fryrish – Futurama

Image Credit: Matt Groening/Hulu.

Furturama is usually a funny show which is probably what makes The Luck of the Fryrish such a memorable episode. If you haven’t seen it (or need a refresher), in this episode we get a taste of Fry’s past and what happened after he left our time to go to the future.

Modern Warfare – Community

Chevy Chase and Donald Glover in Community (2009).
Image Credit: NBC Universal.

Palette cleanser after the last few intense “greatest episode of a TV show ever made” suggestions! This was the first of many paintball episodes to come from Community, but is often considered the best by fans.

Maybe because it was so unexpected, even for Community! 

The Bent-Neck Lady – The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House.
Image Credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix.

What’s most interesting about this episode is what one commenter said about it. “Can be viewed as a standalone horror film without watching the series.”

If that doesn’t make episode 6 of The Haunting of Hill House worth watching I don’t know what does!

Charlie Work – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Danny DeVito, Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, and Glenn Howerton in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005).
Image Credit: FXX Network.

It’s hard to pick the best (worst?) episode from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but Charlie Work from season 10 is definitely up there.

I don’t even know how to sum this episode up. A health inspector is coming to inspect the pub at the exact same time the gang is working on a scam involving contaminating steaks with live chickens.

Why We Fight – Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers.
Image Credit: HBO.

Band of Brothers is a fantastic mini-series and Why We Fight is the second last episode in its 10-episode run. I won’t say too much – but this one is heart-wrenching.

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