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Movies Parents Say They’ll Never Watch With Their Kids

We’re going beyond age-appropriateness here: these movies are strange, awkward, and all-around embarrassing to watch with your children at any age. If you don’t have kids no need to feel left out; these are terrible options to watch with your parents too.

Cool action movie? Sorta. It’s a story about a man who gets kidnapped and, after being released 15 years later, is out for revenge.

Requiem for a Dream is a hard movie to watch and probably not something you want to expose your kids to anyway, but it’s even more awkward because this movie has a lot of very graphic sex scenes.

I actually don’t recommend anyone watch Trainspotting, but that’s mostly because I found that one tragic part very upsetting.

Are we too prudish? Nope – who wants to watch intimate scenes with your kids, even as adults.

Boogie Nights is about a teenage boy who gets discovered by a porn director, so you can imagine why it’s a definite “never watch with your kids at any age” movie.

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