The 12 Best Worst Movies That Fans Violently Defend

Mortal Kombat (1995).

Ever watch a movie and think to yourself: this is so bad it’s good? Hold onto that feeling because you’re not alone – these are some of the best worst movies that fans violently defend (even though they’re terrible). If you’re in need of some downright awful movies to add to your “to watch” list … Read more

9 Shows About European Royalty That Will Make You Swoon!

The Great

People have always been particularly obsessed with those with royal titles and backgrounds.  It could be because of the intrigue involved between family members behind closed doors, the decisions they made across history and how they shaped what we currently know today, or the lifestyle we sometimes envy and try to emulate or imagine ourselves … Read more

10 Valentine’s Day Movies Guaranteed to Make You Swoon

Dirty Dancing (1987).

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10 Historical Romance Movies That Will Make You Swoon (and Cry)

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12 Regency Romance Shows Guaranteed to Make You Swoon!


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10 Best Rom-Coms Now Available on Streaming


If there’s one thing you should know about me, I am obsessed with finding the best rom-coms. Perhaps that’s a tad bit of an exaggeration—I do have a collection of other odd qualities. Still, I am also proudly part of the audience that every sappy Hallmark Christmas movie targets.       I am a … Read more

The 13 Netflix Originals You Need to Watch ASAP

Bridgerton. Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton in episode 208 of Bridgerton.

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13 Korean Dramas That Are Pure Entertainment

A Love So Beautiful (2020).

Korean dramas, or K-dramas, have recently seen a surge in popularity worldwide. These television series are often characterized by their unique storylines and captivating characters that keep audiences hooked from episode to episode.   With many Korean dramas now available on streaming services such as Netflix, viewers can watch these shows from any corner of … Read more