11 Highly Recommended Shows That Disappointed Fans

House Of Cards Season 6.

Ever turned on a show that everyone said was great but turned out to be actually terrible? When you look for something to watch, you often ask friends and family for recommendations. “Hey, What should I watch tonight?” Sometimes you get recommendations for fantastic shows, but sometimes you get a recommendation that is pretty terrible, … Read more

Top 10 Culinary Travel Shows on Netflix

Taco Chronicles.

Netflix offers a delectable array of culinary travel shows catering to food enthusiasts and armchair travelers. Whether you’re seeking the fascinating stories behind renowned chefs or a virtual exploration of global street food, these shows provide an immersive experience that inspires and makes you hungry for more. Culinary Travel Shows So grab a snack, settle … Read more

12 Movies That Totally Missed the Point They Were Trying to Make

I am Legend.

Sometimes we don’t understand a movie… But other times the writers seem to completely jumble what they’re trying to say. Here’s some examples of 12 movies that totally missed the point they were trying to make leaving us confused and annoyed. Raya and the Last Dragon According to folks online, the point of this Disney … Read more

12 of the Funniest TV Series to Stream Right Now


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The 25 Absolutely Best Netflix Original Series of All Time

Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton in episode 205 of Bridgerton.

Netflix’s rotating lineup of excellent shows aside, their impressive original series and programming collection are not to be missed. Best Netflix Original Series of All Time Some of the best shows are created by Netflix. If you are looking for something to watch the next time you open your Netflix account, here are some of … Read more