9 TV Shows You Won’t Stop Watching This March

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

Need something new to binge-watch? With so many options, it can be tough to find the perfect series to start a new streaming addiction.   If you’re looking for the perfect new series, here are some of my top picks for shows you won’t be able to stop watching.   Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Amazon … Read more

The 20 Best Amazon Original Series to Binge Right Now

Description: Walton Goggins (The Hero).

Whether you’re already an Amazon Prime member or are just looking to mix up your streaming offerings, we’ve got several hit Amazon Original series for you. Amazon Studios has been creating and producing their in-house series since 2013, and the shows run the gamut. From video game, novel, and comic book adaptions, to fictional period … Read more

9 Shows About European Royalty That Will Make You Swoon!

The Great

People have always been particularly obsessed with those with royal titles and backgrounds.  It could be because of the intrigue involved between family members behind closed doors, the decisions they made across history and how they shaped what we currently know today, or the lifestyle we sometimes envy and try to emulate or imagine ourselves … Read more

12 Regency Romance Shows Guaranteed to Make You Swoon!


Loved Sanditon and want some more period dramas or romantic dramas to watch now that it’s over? We’ve tracked down some amazing options to scratch that Jane Austen itch! We didn’t limit this list to just shows, either. These TV series and movies all have the same feeling of Sanditon. That is to say: the … Read more

The 19 Starz Shows You Won’t Regret Streaming

Dublin Murders.

Starz is well-known for its vast collection of movies; however, the streaming network is now home to some of the most popular TV shows today. If you are new to Starz or are considering checking it out, read on to see the most popular TV shows on Starz right now. Howards End E.M. Forster wrote … Read more

25 Of The Most Popular TV Shows on Disney+

Love, Victor.

Some may call Disney+ “The Happiest Streamer on Earth,” and we wholeheartedly agree. With stellar original content and big-hitter franchises such as Star Wars and the Marvel Universe, Disney+ never disappoints. But if you find the wide variety of choices a little daunting, just keep reading because we have compiled a list of the 25 … Read more

Top 9 Netflix Original Series Streaming Now

The Crown

There’s a reason Netflix may be the reigning king of streaming platforms. Thanks largely to its various business dealings with cable providers like NBC, AMC, and FX, Netflix is able to stream some of the most beloved television series of all time, including Breaking Bad, American Crime Story, and (very soon) Seinfeld. In addition to … Read more

16 Underrated Shows on Netflix You Need to Watch in February


Looking for some shows that are fantastic but don’t consistently make the top ten every week? We have all heard of Netflix’s biggest hits, but some shows are absolutely great but don’t get the same buzz. Recommendations for Fantastic Shows We scoured Reddit to find recommendations for fantastic shows that not everyone is watching. So … Read more

10 Timeless TV Shows That Never Get Old

Home (The X-Files).

While trends and fads come and go, there are some shows that transcend generational barriers and captivate audiences. These classics persist despite endless changes in content, providing timeless storytelling, memorable characters, and lasting influence on pop culture. Whether they are sitcoms or dramas, these timeless TV shows remain just as fresh and enjoyable today as … Read more