11 Educational Movies for Kids You Can Stream Now: A Montessori Teacher’s Picks

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019) (1).,

Are you looking for educational movies for kids that are available to stream right now?   As a Montessori elementary teacher and step-mom, I’m always searching for movies that provide not just entertainment but also valuable teachable moments for young minds. Over the years, I’ve collected various captivating titles that spark curiosity and foster learning. … Read more

12 Movies That Accurately Portrayed the ‘Strong Female’ Trope


Diving into the world of cinema, it’s clear that the portrayal of women has taken some incredible strides over the years. Gone are the days when female characters were sidelined or pigeonholed into dated stereotypes. Now, more than ever, movies are shining a spotlight on women as complex, resilient, and utterly compelling protagonists. 1. “Alien” … Read more

12 Movies That Have the Greatest Openings of All Time

pulp fiction.

Some films capture our imagination from the very first moment, hooking us with unforgettable sequences that promise an epic adventure, a heartfelt story, or a thrilling mystery. These openings do more than just start a film; they transport us, prepare us, and often, leave us breathless with anticipation. In the world of cinema, where first … Read more

12 Movies That Have Aged Horribly

Dirty Harry.

In the vast and ever-expanding universe of cinema, not all stars continue to shine as brightly as they did upon their debut. Movies, much like fine wine, are often said to get better with age. Yet, this is not a fate shared by all. Some films, once heralded as groundbreaking or immensely entertaining, now find … Read more

15 Amazing TV Shows That Got Cancelled Way Too Soon

Dark Matter.

Ever gone through the frustration of having your favorite show canceled abruptly? When you get invested in a show, it is really upsetting when it gets canceled before finishing its story or, even worse, when it ends on a cliffhanger! You never get to see the end or find out what happens to the characters … Read more

12 Movies That Are Equally Disturbing and Beautiful

Black Swan.

When you think about movies that stick with you long after the credits roll, they are often the ones that manage to strike an odd balance—those that are as unsettling as they are stunning. These films have a way of sneaking under your skin, not just because of the stories they tell but how they … Read more

12 Movies Everyone Expected to Be Bad, but Were Actually Good

Knives Out.

Sometimes, a film comes along that surprises everyone, defying expectations and delivering an entertaining experience that no one saw coming. These movies, which everyone expected to be bad but were actually good, often become beloved classics. 1. “Edge of Tomorrow” (2014)   Initially dismissed as another generic sci-fi action film, “Edge of Tomorrow” surprised audiences … Read more

12 Insane Movies That Will Leave You Speechless

Mulholland Drive.

Diving into a mind-bending movie is like embarking on a thrilling roller coaster ride through the depths of human imagination and emotion. These films have the power to twist our perceptions of reality, challenge our understanding of the universe, and leave us in awe of their storytelling magic. They’re not your typical Friday night flicks; … Read more

12 Movies Everyone Wishes They Could Watch Again for the First Time

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Imagine sitting down to watch a movie and being completely transported into its world, feeling every twist, turn, and emotion as if you were living it yourself. That first-time viewing experience, with its unspoiled surprises and raw emotions, is something truly special. Some movies have the power to captivate us so deeply that we wish … Read more