Family Movie Night Approved: 22 Kids Movies That Won’t Bore Parents

School Of Rock.

Watching movies with kids is a given responsibility. It is just unavoidable. So, for those who have to, try watching these parent-friendly movies that will keep you and the little ones entertained because at least you’re not watching hours’ worth of Paw Patrol! Something is better than nothing, guys! 1. Shrek 2 (2004)   Shrek … Read more

The Movie That Took the Box Office by Storm Every Year Since 1995

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

How to determine a movie’s popularity isn’t something everyone agrees on. Some use the box office take, but that can skew toward newer movies due to ticket prices rising. Adjusting for inflation is a remedy for that, but it’s an imprecise science. A better way might be to go by sheer ticket sales, and this … Read more

20 Film Quotes That Bond Strangers as Friends

Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls (2004).

Some movies are so good that their quotes stick with you. It could be a funny dialogue or sentimental poetry. Once you say them out loud, you’re bound to turn a few heads. I have created a list of quotes that make film fans chant in unison: 1. “The Thing Is, Bob, It’s Not That … Read more

15 Horror Movies Based on True Stories

The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Horror films can be unsettling enough on their own, but knowing that some of the best of them are based on real events can cause some extra shudders. Some are only very loosely based on the events that inspired them. In other cases, though, the scenes closely match actual events, which can make them extra … Read more

The 10 Best Films About Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

This list takes us through the life and legacy of one of America’s most revered figures, offering a fascinating insight into the man’s life and legacy. From compelling biopics to insightful historical dramas, each film on this list delves into Lincoln’s remarkable life, delving into his leadership, struggles, and lasting impact. Learn about one of … Read more

12 of the Best Movies Like Mean Girls

Reneé Rapp, Angourie Rice, Bebe Wood, and Avantika in Mean Girls (2024).

Get ready to add some new favorite movies to your watchlist if you’re a fan of Mean Girls! We’ve compiled 12 movies that capture the same wit, humor, and teenage drama as Mean Girls. Fans of the cult classic will love how these films blend comedy and heart to explore themes of friendship, identity, and … Read more

The 12 Best Worst Movies That Fans Violently Defend

Mortal Kombat (1995).

Ever watch a movie and think to yourself: this is so bad it’s good? Hold onto that feeling because you’re not alone – these are some of the best worst movies that fans violently defend (even though they’re terrible). If you’re in need of some downright awful movies to add to your “to watch” list … Read more

10 Valentine’s Day Movies Guaranteed to Make You Swoon

Dirty Dancing (1987).

Looking to snuggle up with your significant other or simply indulge in some feel-good romance this Valentine’s Day? We’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Valentine’s Day Movies currently available on streaming platforms. Get ready for a cinematic celebration of love and romance like never before with these classic love stories and modern rom-coms. … Read more

10 Historical Romance Movies That Will Make You Swoon (and Cry)

Have you ever just wanted to cry? Wanted to watch a terribly sad movie and just bawl? Sometimes you might be looking for a historical romance movie that just makes you want to cry! 10 Sad Historical Romance Movies Recently, someone asked on Reddit, “I have searched everywhere to find a period film that would … Read more