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Netflix Shows That People Adore

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That was the question posted on Reddit, “Which Netflix show is overrated?”

Someone wrote, “Outer Banks. I felt like that was so popular, and everyone said how much they loved it, and I was just like, meh why am I watching this? Ykyk”

One Redditor said, “It’s so bad I love it so much. It comes really good when I come home beaten from work overloading my brain that the only thing I can watch is some stupid drama in someone’s life.”

One person commented, “Big Mouth. OOOOHHH S** PUBERTY SO FUNNY” but another disagreed, “Disagree, Big Mouth is very graphic but it’s in service to being very “real.”

“Feels like it kind of missed the whole point of the Addams Family, and instead decided to be a Harry Potter knock-off” said one person and another agreed, “Its a poors mans Veronica Mars“.

One commenter said, “Stranger Things lost me somewhere during season 3. I made it to the final few episodes and just never cared to finish.”


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