Family Shows

Popular Family Shows to Watch Together

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Gathering as a family to unwind with a TV series loved by all makes for memorable bonding moments.

As a mockumentary comedy set in an underfunded Philadelphia public school, “Abbott Elementary” offers a humorous yet heartfelt look at teachers dedicated to their students.

NBC’s hit drama “This Is Us” utilizes complex storytelling spanning generations to showcase emotional family bonds.

The Australian animated series “Bluey” has won devoted fans of all ages with its whimsical focus on family, inventive play, and teaching social-emotional lessons.

Netflix’s “Stranger Things” debuted in 2016, evoking 80s nostalgia while putting a fresh supernatural twist on coming-of-age dramas.

Originally premiering on YouTube Red in 2018 before moving to Netflix, “Cobra Kai” revisits the iconic Karate Kid film series with a fresh twist for modern families.

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