Feeling Empty

By Swoon hub

TV Shows That Will Fill You With Laughter

From funny comedies to wholesome reality TV, these series are like chicken soup for the mind; guaranteed to comfort when you’re feeling down.

The upbeat first season of The Good Place is a great way to cheer you up no matter how blue you’re feeling.

Some people have said that this show has managed to pull them out of a depression or slump so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re feeling blue.

With a name like Cheers there’s bound to be some cheer, right? Of course we’re talking about cheers in a bar here but there’s something comforting about seeing the lives of these characters unfold.

Even at their worst all the characters in this show are just so cute you can’t help but enjoy following their various antics.

There’s a good reason Community comes so highly recommended: it’s very funny.

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