Feeling Empty Inside? These 12 Shows Will Fill You With Laughter, Warmth, and Maybe a Few Tears (Happy Ones, of Course)

Feeling blue? These TV shows are the perfect way to distract yourself from sadness and lift up your spirits.

From funny comedies to wholesome reality TV, these series are like chicken soup for the mind; guaranteed to comfort when you’re feeling down.

The Good Place

The Good Place
Image Credit: NBC.

The upbeat first season of The Good Place is a great way to cheer you up no matter how blue you’re feeling. As the series goes on things get more complex for the characters – but also better – and there’s no sad endings to make you more depressed at the end.

A perfect pick me up!

Schitt’s Creek

Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, and Annie Murphy in Schitt's Creek (2015)
Image Credit: CBC.

Some people have said that this show has managed to pull them out of a depression or slump so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re feeling blue.

Not only is it funny if you need a laugh it also features undertones of family, friendship, and redemption that uplift the spirits.


Image Credit: NBC.

With a name like Cheers there’s bound to be some cheer, right? Of course we’re talking about cheers in a bar here but there’s something comforting about seeing the lives of these characters unfold.

Modern Family

Modern Family
Image Credit: ABC.

Even at their worst all the characters in this show are just so cute you can’t help but enjoy following their various antics. This is also another one that helps restore your faith in humanity by seeing all these different people come together as a family.


Chevy Chase and Donald Glover in Community (2009).
Image Credit: NBC Universal.

There’s a good reason Community comes so highly recommended: it’s very funny. It’s also pretty uplifting, especially as you see how the characters come together and support each other throughout the series.


Image Credit: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu.

If you need a good laugh that pushes boundaries without taking things too far, Letterkenny is it. Set in a small town in Ontario (Canada) you don’t need to live rurally or be Canadian to find this show absolutely hilarious…

Although, at least in my opinion, that does help.

Good Omens

Description: David Tennant (Crowley).
Image Credit: Cian Oba-Smith/Prime Video.

Based on the book written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, Good Omens is one of those shows that just makes you feel happy watching it. It’s fun, funny, and exciting enough to keep you entertained – but also has a pretty satisfying ending that might be just what you need when you’re feeling hopeless.

Season 2 is also out now so there’s more Good Omens if you enjoy the first one.

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso,
Image Credit: Apple TV.

Ted’s whole bit is making people feel better about themselves and some of that inspiration definitely seeps out of the TV and into the viewer’s mind too.

Even better, the show tackles complex mental health issues like depression and anxiety in significant ways which might help open the door to you feeling more ready to take the next steps in your life too.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye. Antoni Porowski in episode 602 of Queer Eye.

There’s something so nice and wholesome about seeing people improve their lives – and it might just inspire you a bit too. Plus everyone in this fab 5 is so nice and caring!

The Great British Bake-Off

The Great British Bake-Off.
Image Credit: Mark Bourdillon/Netflix.

Another show that is just turn your brain off and enjoy something nice, baking competition shows are usually pretty chill. Plus it’s cathartic to see all the different creations.

You could also replace this one with any baking show of your choice.

Grace & Frankie

Image Credit: Suzanne Tenner/NETFLIX.


The characters in this show are so funny! It starts off in a bit of a negative tone (betrayal and hatred) seeing Grace and Frankie become friends over the show will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Danny DeVito, Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, and Glenn Howerton in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005).
Image Credit: FXX Network.

If you need a show to make you feel better about yourself there’s few better equipped to do it than It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Why, you ask? All the characters are so awful that you can’t help but compare your life to theirs. In a good way.

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