Work With Swoon Hub

Are you a blogger looking to write a guest post for Swoon Hub?


We accept guest posts with very specific requirements.


  1. You must be a blogger. No agencies or companies will be permitted to post.
  2. All posts must be entirely original content.
  3. All posts must be written by a human, no AI!
  4. All posts must be at least 1,000 words
  5. Each post must be a list of at least 10 shows.
  6. You can see an example of a great guest post here: 11 Binge-Worthy TV Shows for Moms 
  7. All posts should use the above post as a template
  8. You will recive 2 do-follow in-content links that are naturally placed to your site ONLY in each post
  9. once  a post is submitted Swoon Hub will own all contents to the post to publish, distribute and modify as they see fit.
  10. If we decide not to accept your submission than we will notify you so you can use the post for your own purposes.
  11. In order to submit a guest post please email, [email protected] with the following subject line: “I am swooning to write a post for you”. In the body of the email, please write that you want to write a guest post and you will follow rule 22. If you do not follow these instructions we will not accept a guest post from you.
  12. Swoon Hub reserves the right to refuse to publish any guest post for any reason.


Looking forward to swooning with you!