Meet the Actress Replacing Bridgerton’s Ruby Stokes in Season 3

Hannah Dodd

Dear Readers, we have some exciting news about some new members of the Ton.  Bridgerton is recasting!   Hannah Dodd will star as Francesca Bridgerton, taking over the role from Ruby Stokes, who left to take a role with another Netflix show, Lockwood & Co.  Who is Francesca Bridgerton?   Francesca Bridgerton is the mystery … Read more

Rege-Jean Page Says His Bridgerton Character Was “Kind-Of Horrific”

Rege-Jean Page has officially given his blessing for Bridgerton to recast him in his break-out role as Simon, The Duke of Hastings, in Netflix’s hit TV Show, Bridgerton.    Rege-Jean Page loves his character Simon but is happy to leave him in the past.     In an interview with Variety Magazine at the premiere … Read more

Stranger Things Love Triangle Heats Up in Season 4

Stranger Things

Season four threw us a curveball when it heavily implied a possible reunion between Nancy and Steve. We all thought things were settled between her and Steve and Jonathan. Nancy chose Jonathan, and Steve was left in the dust; that was that. Distance Does Not Make The Heart Grow Fonder The issues between Nancy and … Read more

When Will Bridgerton Season 3 Be Released?

Anthony and Kate Bridgerton

We are eagerly looking forward to Bridgerton Season 3, which will feature the love story of Colin and Penelope. Indeed something to swoon over! When Will Bridgerton Season 3 Be Released? When Is Bridgerton Season 3 premiering?   Netflix has not released an official date for the Bridgerton Season 3 release.   However, we can … Read more

Meet The Cast of the Bridgerton Prequel!

Golda Rosheuvel

There is a Bridgerton spinoff coming our way!   Netflix is creating a spinoff of the hit Netflix series Bridgerton. Created by Shonda Rhimes, it is one of the most successful shows Netflix has produced. A limited spinoff series chronicling the life of a young Queen Charlotte, called Jewels, will be released soon.     … Read more

Julia Quinn Has a Special Copy of “The Duke and I”

Julia Quinn, author of the extremely famous Bridgerton books, recently shared that one of her most prized possessions is a copy of “The Duke and I” that two very special people signed.   The Duke and I is the title of the first book in the Bridgerton series and has the honor of being the … Read more

Top Twelve Historical Romance Reads for Summer 2022

Unless you’re a history buff, looking into the past can often be boring and meticulous, unless you happen to like romance. Historical romance is a genre of sexy, sultry trysts that are set during major historical time periods throughout the world. From dashing dukes and lords to ladies in waiting; these romances are sure to … Read more

The Netflix Persuasion is Not for Jane Austen Fans


Before I watched the new Netflix adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, I decided to treat myself and reread the novel.   I won’t say that this was exactly a mistake. It’s never a mistake to reread Jane Austen! But it may not have been the best way to approach director Carrie Cracknell’s cheerful, Hollywood rom-comized … Read more

The Most Heartwrenching Love Story Since Bridgerton

With Season 3 of Bridgerton still months and months away, fans of the book and show alike are waiting with breathless anticipation.   But if you’ve already read all the Bridgerton books and need a new way to make the wait feel just a little shorter, consider trying out another book by Bridgerton author Julia … Read more

“I’m Your Woman” is a Modern Day “Bridgerton” Women are Loving

People love drama, and both Netflix and Amazon have dipped their toes in the historical drama scene with shows like Bridgerton and films like I’m Your Woman. Despite the years between their respective settings, they have some serious common ground for how much the two offerings differ.     Set in Regency-era London during ‘The … Read more