Stranger Things Love Triangle Heats Up in Season 4


Season four threw us a curveball when it heavily implied a possible reunion between Nancy and Steve. We all thought things were settled between her and Steve and Jonathan. Nancy chose Jonathan, and Steve was left in the dust; that was that.

Distance Does Not Make The Heart Grow Fonder

The issues between Nancy and Jonathan began when Jonathan moved across the country. They had planned to go to college together, but as the season went on, it became clear that they were destined for different paths in life.


Jonathan had a candid conversation with his friend about how he is slowly trying to break up with her. At the time, he is really just avoiding her because he’s afraid of the future.

Steve to the Rescue

After rising from zero to hero throughout the show, Steve has proven that he’s more than just a dumb jock. Every time the kids embark on a dangerous journey, Steve is right there with them.


Everyone could tell Steve and Nancy weren’t right for each other in season one. They both had a lot of growing to do, and they couldn’t do that while in a relationship. Fans went nuts over the budding romance between sociable and popular Nancy Wheeler and loner Jonathan Byers, and Steve was instantly forgotten.

Steve Makes a Comeback

All is not lost for Steve, though. He had excellent character development throughout seasons 1-4, and Nancy seemed to finally notice this. As season 4 progressed, a slow burn began between the former lovers.


Nancy seemed inclined to stay in denial that anything was wrong between her and Jonathan, but even she couldn’t resist the pull of Steve. There were a few nail-biting moments where fans held their breath in anticipation of a forbidden kiss or candid confession. Unfortunately, everyone was left in anticipation as Nancy seemed content to continue making things work with Jonathan right up until the end of the season.

Robin and Eddie Call Nancy Out

Steve’s gay best friend Robin calls Nancy out on her feelings after Nancy becomes jealous over their friendship (she did not know Robin was gay). Robin then attempts to convince Nancy to admit that she still has feelings for Steve.


After Nancy dives into the lake to save Steve from Vecna, Eddie declares that Nancy’s bravery is “the biggest act of true love my cynical heart has ever seen.”

Left on a Cliffhanger

There’s a moment in the RV where fans come close to hearing the long-awaited confession from Steve about his feelings for Nancy. He admits that he wants a large family and finally admits that he only sees such a future with her.


And, of course, in true slow-burn romance fashion, Robin interrupts the pair before Nancy can address his statement.

There Is Hope Yet

As we wait with bated breath for season five, the question remains in everyone’s mind: who will Nancy choose? A reunion between her and Steve seems likely, but who knows what direction the directors will take.


We do know that Steve looks like he’s going to get the second chance he deserves, and a happily ever after may finally be in his future.

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