Unpopular Opinion: These 15 Shows Everyone Raved About, But We Couldn’t Stand

Ever been excited about a show that someone recommended, but you just couldn’t get into it? A show that everyone loved, but you just can’t get into it? Here are 14 shows people couldn’t get into despite the hype.

Show That Everyone Loves

Someone asked, “What’s a show that everyone loves but you can’t get into it?” many people responded with shows they really wanted to enjoy but couldn’t.

Anne with an E

The OP (Original Poster) continued, “For me, it’s Anne with an E. I know a lot of people love this show. It looks really good, but I just can’t get into it. I’ve tried but I can’t get past the first episode. If you like the show that’s great. I wish I did like it.”




Someone wrote that they couldn’t get into Bridgerton. Another added, “Same. I watched 5 episodes, and then I stopped.”





Someone wrote, “Yellowstone”. They continued, “I know it’s very popular, but after a few episodes it just seemed like such an improbable soap opera. Also, it mirrors of lot of the themes from Longmire, only with rich people.”


Big Mouth


“Big Mouth, it’s just not funny to me at all,” someone wrote. Another said, “It’s {really} weird and gross. inb4 ThATs THe POinT. No. It’s unenjoyable.”




Someone answered, “Watched three episodes and couldn’t get into it at all.”


Another said, “I tried once to get through S1 and I couldn’t. HATED Jason Bateman’s character so much.”


Someone else said, “Ozark is just a worse “Better call Saul.” It’s still decent but lacks any kind of humour or likeable characters. Everybody sucks. And then there’s that blue filter all the time to remind you that yes, this show is bleak.”




“Dark. Don’t tell me to get past the first three episodes. I’m already not into it,” someone said.


Someone added, “Watched whole thing. Never got better. Needed a family tree to keep track of everything and still got tripped up. Overly ambitious and over-rated.”


The 100


Someone wrote, “It gets really messy, and the last season seems to have lost its mind. I dunno how close to the books it stays. It was reasonably good but not anything I’d commit to doing a second time.”


Someone else added, “I have started and stopped that show so many times. I gave up.”




“Sorry, guys. I watched some of the episodes, but I can’t finish it,” one person said.


Another added, “I think Friends is the “you had to be there” type of show. I watched it when it originally aired and I still watch reruns today. But I’m not sure I’d like it as much if I was younger and experiencing it for the first time today. It’s definitely a 90s/00s show.”

The Wire


Someone wrote, “I’ve watched two seasons, and I can’t argue against it being an amazingly well-made show with incredible acting.”


They continued, “But what everyone loves about it is why I can’t seem to get into it. The characters and situations feel so incredibly real. I don’t like real life much; that’s why I watch shows with superpowers and spaceships; to take a break from reality. I’m glad it’s such a great show that people love, and I’ll defend it as an amazing piece of film, but it’s just not for me, I guess.”


Schitts creek


“I watched it all somehow. It started as forcing myself to watch it as it supposedly gets better down the line (it doesn’t) till at some point, I decided to quit but then realized I had already suffered through more than half so decided to finish it (mistake),” someone wrote.


Another added, “I think I had about 4 light chuckles throughout the entire series. Most of the jokes were either soo telegraphed it was obvious what they were going to be which made them not funny, or they just weren’t funny at all. I wouldn’t even consider it a comedy.”



The Office


Someone answered, “The Office.”


Someone else added,  “I’m glad someone else feels the same. I have tried to watch it several times, have friends who swear by it, but I find The Office (both the UK and US versions) boring and quite cringe.”


Queen’s Gambit


“I had to force my way through almost all of Queen’s Gambit. I don’t think I even watched the last episode,” someone wrote.


Another added, “I thought it was watchable, but something got me away from it, and I never felt the need to watch the last one. Not bad, but I didn’t get the excessive hype.”


Stranger Things


“I watched the first two seasons because my husband seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, but I was really not a fan of seeing cliche after cliche on loop (as visually pleasing as it was). The nostalgia bait got a little tiring too, but it was the unlikeable characters and overly serious-yet-dumb story arcs that made tune out,” someone wrote.


They continued, “When I realized that my most tolerable episode was the maligned bottle story when Eleven goes to the city and meets others like her, I figured that it was just not for me.”


Walking Dead


“Walking Dead, I’ve tried multiple times and watched the whole first season, but I never find myself going back to it or remembering enough to start a new season years or months later when I’m intrigued again. I know a lot happened, but I guess none of it stuck except a few shocking images; I mainly think of them on that land (prairie?) in the first season discussing stuff and fighting,” someone responded.




Someone replied, “1899. I will say it has amazing sets and visuals. Everything else, though, is garbage, and the ending is lazy. I will never get that time back. It is even more frustrating because I had been hyped to see it.”



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6 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion: These 15 Shows Everyone Raved About, But We Couldn’t Stand”

  1. I feel the streaming movie from Spain , “Unauthorized Living” was quickly ended needlessly so. What a well acted saga—I enjoyed it so much! Nemo was both wise, loving and corrupt! I will not find an equal to this movie for a long time if ever! Please import more foreign made films—the are a cut above

  2. I so enjoyed “Unauthorized Living” a film from Spain. I feel it was ended too abruptly. And now what will hold my interest?! Nemo was so warm and charismatic, but also corrupt as were his underlings and family Please continue to sponsor foreign films. I feel they are a cut above in all ways!

  3. This is Us is horrific. The premise is stupid. The time shifts are stupid. It was 45 minutes of boredom I had to endure weekly because my wife thought incorrectly that this show was good.

  4. I truly enjoyed the 100 and have watched it several times… Yellowstone is a good watch as well … Walking Dead was pretty good until around the 9 season or so… Enjoyed Stranger Things seen it several times… Anyway for what it’s worth thats my opinion…

  5. Queen’s Gambit- quite good but I must make 3 admissions:
    1) I love the game and belong to a chess club
    2 )I have to admit there is one story line I find myself always fast-forwarding through,
    3) At amere four 1-hour chapters, I don’t even see why this limited series even made the list!


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