The Abrupt Endings of These 8 Netflix Shows Left Viewers Unsatisfied

The worst part of having your favorite show canceled is that you never get to see the ending and never find out what happened to all the characters. If there was a good ending, the fans might not be upset!

Shows That Needed Good Endings

Mehdi Dehbi in MESSIAH
Image Credit: Hiba Judeh/Netflix.

Someone asked, “What canceled Netflix show do you wish got an ending?”

People shared shows that needed good endings or ended so unsatisfactorily that they are still upset about it.



Image Credit: Patrick Harbron/Netflix.

Someone wrote, “Mindhunter! Not officially canceled, but I wish it had gone past S2 nonetheless.”


Another added, “I miss this show every other day.”


The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal Series
Image Credit: KEVIN BAKER/Netflix.

Someone wrote, “The Dark Crystal TV show. I loved it and wish another network could have picked it up.”


Another added, “Super lame they canceled it. Even though it didn’t have Frank Oz and did seem to cater to a larger audience, still had so much love and craft that really made it endearing. We have a beginning and an end, but we have to use our imagination to fill in the middle. I am just glad Frank Oz and Jim Henson gave us The Dark Crystal.


Teenage Bounty Hunters


“I feel like that show was hurt by its name. It was so much more than I expected and I think too many people just didn’t want to watch. I really want to know how it ends!” someone wrote.


Another person commented, “The name and synopsis made it seem like a teen high school drama show. That first episode start probably turned people off too. I admit I thought it was gonna be another tween show, but it turned out hilarious.”


Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet.
Image Credit: Lara Solanki / Netflix.

Someone shared why there were frustrated that this was canceled, “The thing that gets me about Santa Clarita Diet is, unlike The OA, it could have a conclusive end with a movie. I get it isn’t always feasible to close out content, but a simple movie to end the storylines would’ve made it easier to suggest.”



Rebekka Johnson, Jackie Tohn, Kia Stevens in Glow
Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix.


The cancellation of GLOW is still affecting fans. One person wrote, “I randomly turned to my wife over the weekend and just said, “I miss GLOW.” I’m a wrestling fan, and I liked that show so much that I stopped caring entirely about the wrestling and just loved all the great character moments. It also had such a positive and fun tone.”


Cowboy Bebop


One person said, “Cowboy Bebop. I was a fan of the original and was actually liking the new take on it. And more music by The Seatbelts.”


Someone shared, “It’s such a downer note to end on. I mean, so was the original, but it least it had closure lol

now they’re scattered to the winds, no chance to make things right.”



MacKenzie Porter on Travelers
Image Credit: Netflix

Travelers is a fan favorite that got canceled, but some people claim that the show did have an ending, but one person disagreed, “I know a lot of people were satisfied with the ending after S3. I wasn’t. It technically worked but to me, it was like if Fringe had ended after its third season. There was clearly story left to tell.”



Mehdi Dehbi in MESSIAH
Image Credit: Hiba Judeh/Netflix.

Messiah wasn’t popular, but people wanted to see a good ending, “Oh, Messiah. It wasn’t a good show, but it was fascinating.”

Another added, “I agree, I just feel it needed a good ending.”

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23 thoughts on “The Abrupt Endings of These 8 Netflix Shows Left Viewers Unsatisfied”

  1. DEBRIS is the NETFLIX show that not only would I have loved to see more seasons of but also, would most have loved to be able to see it’s season one’s episodes again (and again).

  2. Messiah was set up to be excellent… The rest of us had to miss out because people are too small-minded to get it or too anti-religious…

    • We loved that show. Thought it was great. You could be right that some people were too anti-religious to want to watch. I see a lot of that going around these days. But you don’t have to be a believer to enjoy a good story! I don’t believe in vampires or witches, but I watch a lot of those type of shows.

  3. Julie and the Phantoms needs another season because the last episode ended on a cliffhanger and that left fans with a bunch of questions that weren’t answered like a big one is what’s Caleb planning is to do now he’s in Nick’s body??

  4. Yes! to bringing back Mindhunters. Fab acting and plot, plus it was informative. A great opportunity lost. I do understand that it took a lot of time to create/film, but hey – doesn’t every show that’s worth watching? The Wire, Mad Men, West Wing . . . I could go on.

  5. Messiah was an excellent program with great potential, but our anti-religious world had to eliminate it. So sad!

  6. On My Block: Freeridge Just as the first season gels to an exciting cliffhanger…boom. That’s it? They had barely begun. The characters had gotten settled in our heads & hearts. Don’t know if I can trust Netflix with my time investment now.

  7. Teenage Bounty Hunters had bad reviews based on the name. Shame on you trolls.
    I’d also like to see more GLOW and Travelers.
    Those are just the recent ones. Go back a couple years and I’d name more.

  8. i am not okay with this was such an amazing show i was so shocked to see it wasnt here, i want to know what happens after shadow guy appears!! what happens to dina???? what happened after brads head exploded?????? did they ever find out about sydneys diary??


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