7 True Crime Shows on Netflix That Are Criminally Addictive



Love learning about real-life crime and can’t get enough? Netflix has become the go-to for binge-able series about crimes and the criminals who commit them.


While crime drama may often be dark – or even morbid, there is something that captures the imagination for many of us.


Whether you like to see criminals put to justice, want to get insight on what to do if you were ever faced with a terrible situation, or just enjoy the stories, Psychology Today has insight into why we love true crime entertainment.


The experts state that these criminal tales offer reassurance, moral clarity, and fascinating entertainment.


There are countless true crime stories to tell and Netflix has a library full of selections for crime buffs to enjoy.


Must Binge True Crime Shows on Netflix


If you need new true crime shows on Netflix to binge, here are some must-watch series to add to your watch list.


Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (2022)


If you’ve ever had an interest in this Midwest cannibalistic serial killer, this series is a must-watch to learn the story. Chameleon actor Evan Peters takes the lead as the infamous Dahmer and is fantastic and terrifying as the tragic story is unveiled.



The Devil Next Door (2019)


Could that mild-mannered grandfather that lives next door actually be a killer? This Netflix documentary-style series tells the true-life tale of John Demjanjuk, a Cleveland resident accused and charged with war crimes committed during World War II.


Identified as a notorious guard known as “Ivan The Terrible,” Demjanjuk had a highly publicized trial and was charged with over 27,900 counts of accessory to murder. The Devil Next Door includes interviews with key figures in the trial, family, prosecutors, and more. There is also testimony from Holocaust survivors and footage from concentration camps.


Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes (2022)


While most small-town residents often think they are safe from violent crime, another Midwestern serial killer put fear into Iowa and Illinois residents. John Wayne Gacy murdered and abused at least 33 boys and young men, burying many of them under his own home.


In Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes, this docuseries features audio footage of Gacy released for the first time from his incarceration and interviews with those close to the case and a surviving victim.


This series is the second part of the Conversations With a Killer Series, and the first part of the series, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, is also a must-watch.


Mindhunter (2017)

Whether you love true crime or crime drama, the next addition to this list is a must-watch for anyone fascinated by serial killers.


Based on the true-life book, Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, the Netflix series Mindhunter tells the story of how the Behavioral Science Unit was founded at the FBI. Intense and thrilling episodes show how these experts used early profiling skills to keep the public safe.


The portrayals of famed serial killers in this series are so spot-on and scary that it’s hard to believe that they are not the actual criminals themselves.


With two seasons, there are lots of Mindhunter to binge and enjoy. I was devastated when it was decided that there would not be a season 3. However, I can always secretly hope this decision will be reversed, and we will see more episodes in the future.


Inventing Anna (2022)


While many of my additions to this list tell the story of violent crimes, this scam-related story was too intriguing not to include on this list. Telling the story of self-pronounced heiress Anna Delphy who scammed many elites from around the world for money, travel, and more, this series is led by award-winning Ozark actress Julia Garner.


Garner is almost unrecognizable, with long brown hair, glasses, and an unusual and unplaceable accent as she tells her story to reporter Vivian Kent. Portrayed by Anna Chlumsky, who is best known for her childhood role in My Girl, the reporter unravels the crazy mess of tall tales, half-truths, and lies about who the mysterious character really is.


I still don’t know how so many successful people were victims of this con artist, but this complicated tale is a must-watch for the outrageous story.


Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives. (2022)


Another non-violent crime to add to this list is a story that is so crazy you can’t believe this actually happened. When a famous vegan restaurateur marries a mysterious man who says he can make her dog immortal, a bizarre tale that is hard to believe unfolds.


Restaurant owner Sarma Melngailis illegally funneled over $2 million dollars out of her restaurant to her husband in this crazy and intriguing tale that tells the story of how a successful businesswoman became influenced by a grifter and the path of destruction left behind.


I admit this series left me with more questions than answers, but I recommend tuning in out of the sheer craziness of it all.


The Tinder Swindler (2022)


This outrageous crime series on Netflix was quite the conversation starter when it was released. Telling the tale of an online dating con artist, The Tinder Swindler has left millions wondering how successful and educated women could fall victim to such outright scams.


Admittedly I did my online dating before Tinder was a thing, but I still am blown away at how these crimes happened and the women involved. In addition to being quality entertainment, this series is a convincing reminder to always use caution with others online.


Watching the tales of actual criminals and what has taken place has always been an addition to mine. The truth is that true crimes are often more fascinating and incredible stories than anything in a script writer’s imagination.


While these are only a few of the many intriguing true crime shows on Netflix, this list has hours of real-life crime and criminals, all for your viewing pleasure.


Do you have a favorite that should be on this list? Leave a comment below! 

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