10 Netflix Shows and Movies for Gardening and Landscaping Enthusiasts

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Netflix is a great streaming service to have for its sheer diversity of shows. If you have an eye for lush gardens and vibrant landscapes, a good number of reality shows and movies packed with stunning backyard makeovers, eye-catching landscapes, and well-manicured gardens will intrigue you.

Better still, the content will inspire you to start and maintain a beautiful indoor or outdoor oasis worth bragging about.

Below, I’ve compiled the top 10 movies and shows on Netflix that showcase great gardening and landscaping ideas for your inspiration. Let’s dive in!

1. The Big Flower Fight

The Big Flower Fight - Production Still Image.
Image Credit: Netflix.

First streamed on Netflix on May 18th, 2021, The Big Flower Fight is a UK and England-produced show displaying an abundance of bright flowers and incredible creativity in their designs. It’s also a must-watch series if you’re looking to transform your yard by arranging flowers and other natural plants to create dreamy yet unique layouts.

As the name suggests, The Big Flower Fight is a competition that brings together various landscapers and florists to display their skills and creativity using hundreds of flower species of all colors – white peace lilies, red anthuriums, purple hydrangeas, etc. at the biggest show in London.

The show hosts, Natasia Demetriou and Vic Reeves, and the resident judge, celebrity floral designer Kristin Griffith-VanderYatch and other specialist designers on each episode put the competitors through flower sculpting challenges.

2. Escape to the Country

Escape to the Country (2002).

While Escape to the Country is a show about prospective homeowners finding and viewing different houses to select their rural dream homes, it’s worth being on this list. It offers plenty of landscaping inspiration as it displays incredible outdoor design ideas.

Escape to the Country stars Melissa Porter, Alistair Appleton, and Jules Hudson flaunting properties to families looking for exceptional countryside settlements.

3. Selling Houses With Amanda Lamb

Property expert and presenter Amanda Lamb returns on Netflix with a new series in the Selling Houses reality TV show to help prospective home sellers transform their houses into magnificent spaces to win a potential buyer.

Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb‘s show on Netflix focuses on indoor and outdoor space renovation. In the show, Amanda gives each home seller one week to repair their homes on a fixed budget of 1000 Euros. While the property sellers can borrow ideas, each longs to create the most appealing home to win the buyer.

4. Backyard Revolution


Get ready to experience jaw-dropping backyard transformation and unlock the magical power of your abandoned backyard with this show. Starring the Decked Out and Custom Built show host, Paul Lafrance returns to reality movies and leads a team to create a bespoke backyard.

Paul’s dedication and openness to reveal the struggles during renovation projects will make you love this show if you fancy originality. After watching this show, you’ll get the enthusiasm to ‌create a mini heaven in your backyard.

5. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

The World's Most Extraordinary Homes .
Image Credit: Netflix.

Available on Netflix beginning in March 2022, The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is a must-watch show to discover unique homes and beautiful landscaping ideas for your space.

This British TV program features Piers Tylor and Caroline Quentin touring extraordinary homes across mountains and forests countrywide. You’ll be mesmerized by the many beautiful landscapes in this film.

6. Monty Don’s French Gardens


If you loved Big Dreams, Small Spaces hosted by Monty Don, don’t miss watching Monty Don’s French Gardens. In this TV program, the famous horticulturist Monty Don showcases famous farms and gardens in France.

Monty Don tours different gardens in the first season, including the Gardens of Passion and Power, the Gourmet Garden, the Artistic Garden, and other gardens in Rome and Florence.

This reality TV show doesn’t run short of exciting ideas about outdoor plant designs, selecting safe trees with non-invasive roots for yards, flower ideas, and much more for your yard in the next season.

7. Instant Dream Home

Instant Dream Home. Episode 102 of Instant Dream Home.
Image Credit: Netflix.

Released on Netflix in 2022, the Instant Dream Home series was popular and attracted controversial opinions from viewers.

This Netflix show features Danielle Brooks, Adair Curtis, and Erik Curtis leading a team that transforms homes for deserving families from the interiors to the backyards in one day. They make the homeowners stay away while the team renovates without their knowledge. After hours, homeowners return to polished houses, beaming with joy and surprise.

If you want to refurbish your space by planting blooms, shaping your driveway or pathway, or redoing your rooms, binge-watch this series on Netflix immediately.

8. Stay Here

Stay Here is another reality TV show for gardening and landscaping enthusiasts. While the show focuses on the renovation of Airbnbs, it has breathtaking gardens and landscapes worth eyeing for landscape designers and gardeners.

In this show, landscape designers Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer help property owners transform their rentals into magnificent spaces to make more money from them.

9. Cabins in the Wild

Cabins in the Wild is best for those who enjoy viewing exquisite natural landscapes or those living upcountry. This show can inspire you to create a ‘natural garden’ in your yard.

In this show, contestants compete to build outstanding hotels in the wild from cabins. Engineer Richard Strawbridge and Will Hardie host the show. They visit transformed cottages and design the ninth one. The winners from each episode vie for the title of Cabin Fever 2017.

10. Grand Designs

Premiering in 1999, Grand Designs is an award-winning British series that features building exquisite homes in the UK from scratch or renovating existing interiors and exteriors. Grand Designs is popular and has had several spin-off shows since its inception. Prepare to enjoy viewing incredible landscapes and unique spaces.

Designer Kevin McCloud hosts the show and travels across the UK, meeting homeowners to build or transform their houses. McCloud discusses with property owners vital issues, including budgeting, project period, and design.

While the renovation or construction turns into a spectacular home, each experiences challenges, including contractor problems and families becoming dysfunctional. The episodes are pretty long – up to one hour, and the show has 17 seasons.

Looking for inspiration for your yard? These 10 Netflix movies and shows for gardening and landscaping enthusiasts are sure you give you plenty of ideas.

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