10 Romantic Gifts That Will Make Her Melt

Women like to be romanced. It’s a concept that must have started at the beginning of time. Whether she’s the woman you plan to ask to spend the rest of your life with or the woman you have already spent 20 or 30 years with, she will melt at being made to feel special.


She wants to be your princess. She wants to be your special and personal angel. Hopefully, some of these suggestions might help you to give her that feeling of being cherished.


Every woman wants to be swept off of her feet, and what better day than her birthday? A gift of romance will last a lifetime, and it will be a gift the two of you share for that lifetime. So where do you begin?


Planning. Don’t wait until the last minute. Just knowing that you put time and thought into her gift is romantic in itself. Next, think about the things that bring her joy in life, then determine the budget you can afford. With a little creative thinking, you can accomplish the most romantic gift she could imagine.


The top ideas are:


There are always the old stand-bys of flowers and candy. They work as well now as they did in the days of Cleopatra. If the budget doesn’t allow roses, she’ll enjoy carnations with baby’s breath just as much. The same goes for chocolates. If it isn’t possible to gift her the most expensive, settle for a smaller box or another kind.


Stuffed animals will win the heart of some women. A fuzzy little teddy bear can be turned into a personal message of love if you write a note just for her and the little guy can hold it in his paw for presentation.


Then there is always poetry. Many men will refuse to try it, but a few words in the form of a poem will go a long way in making his partner feel special. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or frilly. Just write what you feel. It doesn’t even need to rhyme if that is troublesome for you.


Another thing close to a woman’s heart is time. Give her some of your time. Perhaps a “what would you like to do tonight, honey?” instead of “wanna go for a burger when the game’s over?” Private time is also very important. Give her time to soak in a luxurious bubble bath. If there are children, promise her that she won’t be interrupted.


To take that a step further, buy her some bath oil and run the bath for her. Don’t forget to light a candle or two and have her robe ready in there for her, too. It is something she’ll be smiling about for a long time.


Can you think of something to do for her or give her that is reminiscent of your first date or the time you met? Reminders of that special time can be true treasures. Can you take her back to the first restaurant at which you dined together? Or the place you proposed, if that is the case? Can it be recreated for an anniversary?


Another memorable gift of a lifetime can be offered if finances allow. Plan a weekend getaway for her. Make sure that all details are taken care of. This would not only include an itinerary for the trip but the “smaller” things like hiring a sitter if there are children. Then present the gift in a special way. A note on her pillow promising a mystery weekend she will never forget is one idea.


Whether your gift to your princess must be very inexpensive or you can splurge a little more, showing her you care with a little romance will be something she is not soon to forget.


If money is not a concern, pre-purchase airline tickets and whisk her away for a quiet romantic weekend. Choose a destination that fits her likes. If she enjoys warm weather, choose the beach. If she enjoys hiking, perhaps a mountain retreat. Even on a budget, you can find affordable packages if you plan ahead.


Consider a concert or theater event. There are numerous venues to choose from. You could enjoy a romantic dinner theater or dinner followed by a music event such as the orchestra. If she prefers a simpler lifestyle, why not a concert in the park? There is nothing as romantic as dancing with your significant other under a star-lit sky.


If your budget is stretched, as so many others are experiencing, then perhaps make your own “concert in the park” in your backyard. Cook a fabulous dinner for her, and create a romantic nook in your home, lanai, or yard. You can do this very inexpensively. If you have petite Christmas lights, get them from the attic and hang them in the nook area to add ambiance to your evening. Make a cd of your favorite shared songs and dance in the moonlight. If you want to watch her melt in your arms, sing to her.


If she loves antiques, shop for an item for her collection. Dealer’s many times will negotiate the price, especially in today’s market. If you buy a vase, get a bouquet of her favorite flowers to put in her vase. If a candy dish, purchase candies for her and wrap them up together.


Is she athletic? Bicycle or backpack to a special private place and have a quiet afternoon together. Take a book of poetry to read together.


Does she prefer a party? Bake her birthday cake and decorate it yourself. Put fewer candles on the cake, then she is in age, and tell her she doesn’t look a day older than the number of candles you used. Give her a thoughtful gift to open with your friends, but have a second present for later in the evening for you to give her when you are alone.


Contact the musicians at a club prior to the evening, and ask if they can practice and perform a song, especially for her. You can share a dance in the spotlight.


Know her birthstone and purchase earrings or a bracelet for her. Or buy him a simple gold chain and one single charm. You can add charms to the necklace each year as a new tradition. Tell her you are creating a new tradition just for her.


Send her mother flowers and a thank you card for giving you the love of your life. Then fix your special someone’s breakfast in bed, lunch on a veranda, and dinner over candlelight with champagne.


Here is the most inexpensive romantic gift you could ever get her, and it would mean the most. Write her a love letter and mail it to her. Make sure it arrives prior to or on her birthday. Tell her how much she means to you. Remind her of the reasons you love her. If you are more artistic, add a poem or a song in with the letter. These are all gifts she will tuck away and treasure for her lifetime.


With a little planning, you can create a memorable birthday for her!



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