15 Popular TV Shows Many People Think Are Unwatchable

Television shows come in all shapes and sizes, appealing to different tastes and preferences. However, even some of the most popular TV shows have a flip side—they’re often considered unwatchable by a significant number of viewers.

Whether it’s due to their complex plots, peculiar styles of humor, or controversial content, these shows spark strong opinions.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Game of Thrones

Sophie Turner HBO Game of Thrones Season 7 - Episode 4.
Image Credit: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO.


Despite its massive fan base and critical acclaim, “Game of Thrones” has been criticized for its graphic violence and complex storylines. Some viewers find it difficult to keep track of the numerous characters and their relationships. Additionally, the final season received widespread backlash for what many considered rushed and unsatisfying storytelling.

2. The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live _ Season 1, Episode 6.
Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC.


This show started with much enthusiasm and quickly amassed a huge following. However, as seasons progressed, some viewers began to find “The Walking Dead” repetitive and slow-paced. The constant focus on survival with little resolution led many to abandon the show, citing a lack of character development and a monotonous plot.

3. Riverdale

Image Credit: The CW.


Originally praised for its fresh take on the Archie Comics characters, “Riverdale” has seen a decline in viewer satisfaction as it ventured into more bizarre and unrealistic storylines. Critics and some former fans describe the show as unwatchable, arguing that the plot has become too convoluted and strays too far from its initial charm.

4. American Horror Story

American Horror Story.
Image Credit: FX Network.


While “American Horror Story” enjoys a dedicated fan base due to its unique storytelling and aesthetic, its anthology format and often disturbing content are not for everyone. Some viewers find the show’s themes overly grotesque and the plot twists nonsensical, making it a difficult show to watch.

5. Lost

Image Credit: ABC.


“Lost” initially captivated audiences with its intriguing premise and complex narrative, exploring the lives of airplane crash survivors on a mysterious island. However, as the series progressed, many viewers found the increasingly convoluted plot twists and dense mythological references hard to follow.

The final season, in particular, left many dissatisfied, labeling the show as unwatchable due to its perceived lack of coherent resolution and over-reliance on supernatural elements.

6. Glee

Image Credit: Fox.


Once celebrated for its vibrant musical numbers and tackling of social issues, “Glee” eventually faced criticism for its inconsistent storytelling and character arcs. Some fans felt the series lost its way after the first few seasons, as it began to focus more on spectacle over substance.

The frequent, dramatic shifts in tone and unrealistic scenarios led some viewers to find the show unwatchable, despite its initial charm and popularity.

7. Girls

Image Credit: HBO.


“Girls” was hailed for its raw portrayal of young women navigating life in New York City, but not all viewers found it relatable or appealing. Criticisms often pointed to the main characters being unlikable and the show’s focus on their privileged struggles, which some found pretentious or tedious.

This alienated potential fans who couldn’t connect with the characters’ journeys, making the show unwatchable for them.

8. True Detective

Finn Bennett, John Hawkes HBO True Detective: Night Country.
Image Credit: Michele K. Short/HBO.


The first season of “True Detective” received widespread acclaim, but the second season did not fare as well. The shift in setting and new character lineup failed to capture the magic of the original, with many viewers finding the plot overly complex and the pacing sluggish.

This led to the perception that the second season, unlike its predecessor, was unwatchable, suffering from a disjointed narrative and lack of engaging content.

9. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks.
Image Credit:
Lynch/Frost Productions.


David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” is known for its surreal atmosphere and complex, often cryptic storytelling. While it has a cult following and has been praised for its originality, the show’s abstract nature and slow pacing make it difficult for some viewers to follow or appreciate.

The revival series, “Twin Peaks: The Return,” intensified these elements even further, leading some to label it as unwatchable due to its esoteric and non-linear narrative.

10. The Office (U.S.)

Phyllis Smith, John Krasinski, and Leslie David Baker in The Office (2005).
Image Credit: NBC Universal.


This beloved mockumentary-style sitcom has a dedicated fan base but is not without its detractors. Some viewers find the cringe humor, led by Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott, too uncomfortable to watch. Others criticize the show for its repetitive jokes and static setting, which they argue lead to a lack of engaging plot progression, making it unwatchable for those who don’t connect with its specific style of humor.

11. Westworld

Ariana Debose HBO Westworld Season 4 - Episode 8.
Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO.


“Westworld” combines high concept science-fiction with deep philosophical questions, initially drawing viewers in with its intriguing plot and high production values. However, as the series progressed, many found the plot overly complicated and the constant introduction of new twists confusing.

This complexity, while intellectually stimulating for some, has made the show unwatchable for others who prefer a more straightforward narrative.

12. Orange Is the New Black

Orange is the new black.
Image Credit: JoJo Whilden/Netflix.


This series was groundbreaking in how it portrayed the lives of women in a minimum-security prison, blending drama with elements of comedy. Despite its acclaim and strong performances, some viewers struggled with the fluctuating tone and sometimes graphic content.

Additionally, the extensive ensemble cast and multiple backstories were seen as overwhelming and distracting by those who found it challenging to keep track of the numerous plotlines.

13. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad (Season 4).
Image Credit: AMC.


Widely regarded as one of the greatest TV shows of all time, “Breaking Bad” is known for its intense storytelling and complex characters. However, some viewers find the show’s dark themes and sometimes slow pacing hard to endure.

The moral ambiguity of the characters, especially the protagonist Walter White, makes it difficult for these viewers to find someone to root for, leading them to label the show as unwatchable.

14. Seinfeld

Image Credit: NBC.


This classic sitcom, often described as “a show about nothing,” has been a favorite for many due to its unique humor and eccentric characters. Yet, some people can’t get past the superficial nature of the characters’ problems and their often petty behavior. These viewers find the show’s humor unrelatable and its characters annoying, which makes “Seinfeld” unwatchable for them.

15. Mad Men

Mad Men _ Season 7B, Episode 14.
Image Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC.


“Mad Men” is celebrated for its detailed portrayal of the 1960s and its deep character studies. Nonetheless, the show’s deliberate pace and subtle storytelling are not for everyone. Some audience members find it slow and lacking in traditional action or suspense, which makes it tough for them to remain interested or engaged throughout the series.

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