7 Netflix Shows Cancelled Because They Don’t Get The Ratings

Raise your hands if you’ve been personally victimized by Netflix canceling your favorite show too soon. We all know how notorious Netflix is regarding their original series, where some of them don’t even make it past the first season without getting axed. And it’s strange because half of the time, these series were incredibly loved and had a dedicated fandom backing them.


It feels like Netflix keeps trying to recreate instant huge hits like Stranger Things. But whatever show they release that doesn’t cut it? It gets left for dead. And here is a list of some of the most shocking ones.

Some shows get cancelled because they don’t get high enough ratings and the cost of keeping them is just not worth it.


1. One Day At A Time

Image Credit: Netflix.


One Day At A Time has such a peculiar story regarding its continuity. A family sitcom, One Day At A Time was comedic and fun but unafraid of dealing with more serious themes. The trials of single parenthood, sobriety struggles, and even veteran PTSD were easily explored while keeping the tone light and hopeful. To a lot of people, One Day At A Time was a breath of fresh air, because its humor didn’t feel mean-spirited.


So, to have it be canceled at a very important cliffhanger in its third season? It was the worst. But it did get picked up by Pop, a Paramount subsidiary. However, the Pandemic struck again and Pop dropped the series too, after airing 6 episodes.


2. Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks!
Image Credit: Scott Patrick Green/Netflix.


Everything Sucks! Is prime nostalgia bait. The 90s setting of an AV club in a small town with the ‘Boring High School’? This was tailor-made for millennials who wanted to relive their awkward days. But the thing about Everything Sucks! Is that it delivered on a coming-of-age story that felt relatable and authentic. The characters were funny, and their explorations of mental health and sexuality were inquisitive, especially during a time when it was frowned upon.


Despite being one of those rare shows that only got better with each episode, Everything Sucks! was canceled pretty much immediately after the first season. Even though there was a lot of potential, Netflix didn’t think it was worth it.


3. The Get Down

The Get Down.
Image Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.


The Get Down was the stuff of dreams. It was a period piece about the 70s and the rise of Disco and Hip-Hop, all created under the direction of Baz Luhrmann. And he spent over a decade trying to get it pitched. Set in The Bronx, it followed the lives of the people living there, with their ambitions and passions clashing.


And perhaps ambition is exactly what killed The Get Down. Because it was such a heavy investment, The Get Down had a lot of expectations pinned onto it. Expectations that it couldn’t meet. And that’s exactly why it was canceled after the first season.


4. Daybreak

Image Credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix.


Daybreak had such major Zombiland vibes, and that alone could’ve carried it forward. Based on the graphic novel by Brian Ralph, it starred Josh Wheeler, a 17-year-old searching for his girlfriend, Sam Dean, after a Zombie Apocalypse killed all adults in the world. Together with Wesley, a samurai, and Angelica, a baby pyromaniac, he has to fight not only hordes of zombies but these ‘tribes’ made up of cheerleaders, jocks, etc.


There was potential here for a dark teen comedy. However, it wasn’t realized to the extent it could’ve been, and Netflix decided not to renew Daybreak for another season.


5. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop.


I know people had a lot to say about the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop, but it was still pretty fun. Maybe it wasn’t a play-by-play of the iconic anime, but John Cho as Spike was genuinely good. The parts with him and Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black were honestly worth the hype. And the music had the original composers backing it. It was experimental, and it could’ve worked.


But it didn’t. It’s not hard to see why Cowboy Bebop was canceled after the first season, with the negative reviews it got upon streaming. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have gotten better in the second season.


6. The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club.
Image Credit: Netflix.


Who doesn’t love a good horror anthology? The Midnight Club was a unique thriller about a group of terminally ill young adults who’d get together every night at midnight and tell each other scary stories. But the rule was that if one of them died, they’d come back as a spirit and give the others a sign. And the first season on a spine-chilling cliffhanger, leaving room for more.


And that was the worst decision because Netflix did not renew The Midnight Club for a second season. The creators wanted to build up the story more and not rush things, hence the cliffhanger. But sadly, it was not meant to be.


7. Raising Dion

Raising Dion. Ja'Siah Young as Dion Warren in episode 203 of Raising Dion.


Honestly, the idea of a single mum raising a superpowered kid is pretty intriguing. I mean, the dad was played by Michael B. Jordan, so of course, fans were going to be tuning into Raising Dion anyway. But it helped that the actual plot was charming and exciting at the same time. Raising Dion is about mum Nicole trying to raise her son, Dion, who has suddenly started showcasing superpowers. It’s up to her to provide him with a normal life while protecting him from those who might want to exploit him.


Raising Dion was brilliant. But it was also expensive. And considering Netflix had just lost around a billion dollars of investment at the time, they probably couldn’t afford to keep making it. So, Raising Dion was canceled after the second season.

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